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You Don’t Have a Clue

A Parody of Meredith Wilson’s ‘Til There Was You
(The Beatles’ version)
New lyrics by Steve Bryant


A Parody song poking fun at all the hype around global warming.  Just remember the electricity you use listening to this is destroying the planet.  Enjoy.


There were facts all around,
But you claim Al Gore knows better.
You say the earth is on fire,
You don’t have a clue

Turned your heat down a click,
And put another sweater.
And you held a concert or two,
You don’t have a clue.

You’re just performing, when you claim global warming,
Will kill us. And Ted Turner says he agrees with you…we’re screwed.

Won an Oscar and Nobel Prize.
But most of us know better.
You won them because you can act.
You don’t have a clue.

On all the science, you had no reliance, just defiance.
Made a movie just like Michael Moore, a bore.

Don’t let the truth, get in your way.
You could be president some day.
If that happens, our country is through,
You don’t have a clue.

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14 December 2019