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 Speaker of the House


A Parody of Leader of the Pack

New Lyrics by Steve Bryant



Speaker of the House

A Parody of Leader of the Pack

New Lyrics by Steve Bryant


(Spoken) Is he really going out with her?

Well there he is, just ask him.

Steve, is that Nancy’s bleeding heart pendant you’re wearing?

Mm Hmm.

Are you going to watch her spend us into oblivion?


By the way, where’d you meet her?


Met her one day up on Capitol Hill.

She was passing a spending bill, get the picture? (Spoken) Yes, we see.

That’s when I fell for

The Speaker of the House.


Limbaugh was always putting her down, (Spoken) Down, down.

Said she was some kind of Liberal clown.

(Spoken) He’s really nasty and he puts all Liberals down.

That should have been the end.

I was Conservative, she was tax and spend.

But still I fell for,

The Speaker of the House.


Sean Hannity said that she was a shrew.

Republicans said find somebody new.

(Spoken) She’s a Liberal and she wants to bankrupt you.

I was in love and I couldn’t doubt it,

Saw her little cheerleader outfit.

I got so horny,

For the Speaker of the House,


(Spoken)I told her I couldn’t see her anymore.

She was wasting too much cash.

She bummed a ride back to her place.

Then I heard that awful crash.


It ended the way that it had to be,

She caught a ride with Ted Kennedy.

At Republican functions they stop and stare.

Sara Palin didn’t like her, but I don’t care.

I’ll never forget her, the Speaker of the House.

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18 September 2020