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Philly the Sanctuary City

In response to President Donald Trump threatening to cut off funding for sanctuary cities, Mayor James Kenney tweeted 9:25 PM - 25 Jan 2017

We are the City of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection. All are welcome here. No matter where you're coming from.

sanctuary city tweet


To which I replied,

"#Philadelphia as a #SanctuaryCity hosting #illegaAliens denies poor urban minorities jobs & drives out legal business & residents."

tweet sanctuary city


Legal Immigration

What he fails to address is NOBODY is against immigrants. My parents immigrated to Philadelphia. It took my father 7 years to get here legally after WW2. He had to demonstrate (document) a skilled trade that was in demand, fund his way here, have a host family (3200 block of Knorr St. in Northeast Philly), and pay his way home if he didn't keep a job or if he committed a crime. He also signed the guest-book on the way in. He carried his identity papers everywhere he went. It took him 5 years to get his citizenship.

The keyword is LEGALLY. My father came alone leaving my mother in Europe until she was permitted to come here ... legally. Nobody gave them a dime and they weren't welcomed with open arms. They taught themselves English and never let on to people they understood what was being said as they were the object of gossip over backyard fences.

My parents gave me a deep appreciation of immigrants, foreign accents, and the diversity of people. They started a business, employed hundreds of people, donated tens of thousands to charity, and paid millions in taxes.

Illegal Aliens

Nothing about the term Undocumented Immigrants make sense. If you're undocumented you're illegal and if you're illegal your not an immigrant. You are, in fact, an Illegal Alien. On average they consume more services and pay less taxes. I know of some that work very very hard. I see them every day. I would also never turn them in. Not that Philly would do anything.

The illegals that I know aren't being paid "on the books" but in straight cash, often packed in apartments owned by their employers. These employers are then not paying the usual employment taxes to the city and state as well as not paying workers compensation. When one of these workers gets hurt they just get a ride to the emergency room where more often than not they never pay the bill. The hospital can't deny them care.

Sanctuary City and unemployed minorities

The unemployment rate among inner-city black youth is 52% in Philadelphia. Among Latinos, it's 40%. (2016 Brookings Institution). Philadelphia can never realize its full potential unless this problem is solved. It takes education, training, and opportunity. The education system in Philly is notably lacking. Training is sometimes available. Opportunity is restricted as long as Philadelphia allows thousands of illegals to live and work here. Not only are they permitted, more are encouraged to come. They are paid less than what a legal minority would be paid. Because of this those minorities that want to work and have the ability are denied opportunity.

As legal small business face stricter regulations, reduced services, and increased taxes they leave the city or just give up and sell the property to anybody willing to take it off their hands. Law abiding homeowners are leaving the Northeast in droves choosing to start and raise families outside the city.

My contention is that the Sanctuary City policy of Philadelphia is racist. We need to focus on who is here now and those that need a future. When anybody takes a stand against illegals they are instantly branded a racist. Well, I maintain that if you look at the people most hurt (poor minorities) those that encourage illegals are the real racists.

Bill Clinton on illegal aliens



Jesse Hartnett Hero Fund

January 2016 as reaction poured in I made the meme below and tweeted it out. I deliberately left any attribution off because I wanted people to share, retweet, borrow, steal as much as possible.

Now there's a website and fund

Click here for The Hartnett Hero Fund Website

Jesse Hartnett


As of 2-29-16

Impressions 64,734

Total engagements 11,165

Some of the media that picked this tweet up racked up tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

Read the story and donate if you can.

12 Things To Stop Saying To People In Radio

People who work in radio find these particularly annoying

I'll get right to the link ...

Excerpt ...

Radio is a crazy industry and I’m pretty sure one of the requirements of working in this field is to be a little crazy yourself. However, below are a few things every radio DJ is just SICK of hearing…

1. You’re so lucky, you get to just talk for a living.

You’re right. I am grateful every day to have a job that is so unique and fun. However, much more goes into getting a job like mine than “luck” and it takes a lot more to keep it than “just talking.”

via Jeff Katz

Opt out of Verizon tracking ads to your cellphone

I noticed when a Verizon app was updated on my phone it kept asking me to sign in. The only thing I was using one of their apps for was to keep an eye on data across the 4 phones on my account. Now a second app was next to it asking me to sign in. Then I got this email from Verizon that cleared up the mystery. They want to track all the websites I visit on my desktop PCs and send ads to my phone. Clever and hell no.

Read more: Opt out of Verizon tracking ads to your cellphone

Jack and Rose taking the Ice Bucket Challenge

By now you've all heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge where one pours a bucket of ice water over your head then challenge others to do so in the hopes of raising money for ALS. Some people are, in my opinion, bending the rules just a tad by using smallish buckets, no ice, all ice, etc. If your underwear isn't wet you're doing it wrong. None of this, "Oh that cup of ice on my shoulder is soooo cold!" stuff.

Some are doing it with style and laughs as witnessed here by Katie Fehlinger doing it on CBS in Philly.

Read more: Jack and Rose taking the Ice Bucket Challenge

Cornpone Callers and Jew Haters

Cornpone Caller Background / Cornpone Voice Mails / Cornpone Challenge / Dom G Demagogue Rap / Jew Haters

angry caller Background on the original "Cornpone Caller"

So last week I'm listening to the radio and Chris Stigall gets two calls in a row from classic Cornpone Callers. These are the sort of caller that go off half baked on a host about anything and everything but always come back around to how much the host sucks. They never leave that part out and these guys reall think Chris sucks! I wish I had audio of these two callers but was unable to obtain permission to use it.

Long time listners to talk radio in Philadelphia may remember how the term "Cornpone Caller" came about. One guy in particular (and I DO have his audio below) used to call up Phil Valentine and one day Phil gave him that nickname. Originally the caller tried to tag Phil with the nickname "Cornpone" but Phil turned the tables on him by nicknaming him the "Cornpone Caller."  He then turned his attention to Dom Giordano who renamed him "The artist originally known as the Cornpone Caller now known as the Cornpone Caller again."

Keep reading for some hateful voice mails and a parody rap

Read more: Cornpone Callers and Jew Haters

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