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Adolf Hitler would be so proud

And have so many resons to be proud. With the visit of Iranian president Ahmadinejad today the list of people Hitler would thank grows yet again ...

Columbia University for not only inviting Ahmadinejad but stating that they would also invite Hitler if they could. Hitler thanks you.

The United Nations for consitantly voting against freedom and loathing the United States. They sit by and invite somebody who has openly stated as his primary goal the extermination of a member state, Isreal. Hitler thanks you.

President Ahmadinejad. A real prize here. Seemingly a nutjob but crazy like a fox. Sure he's a figurehead for those zealots in power but he's so much like Hitler it's scary. He's doing much the same thing as Hitler did, lay it all out how you plan to exterminate the Jews and laugh as everyone trips all over themselves to talk you out of it. Hitler thanks you.

The self loathing rich liberal Jews. They keep their mouth shut for many reasons. One of them is denial ... they would rather let the Holocaust happen again than stand against it because resistance is painful. Make no mistake, most of the world will sit by and let it happen again. Very few people will stand up for you if you won't stand up for yourselves. For your inaction, Hitler thanks you.

The far left wing politicians who lie for political gain. Specifically their lie that goes something like, "If only we would negotiate with Iran ..." Bullcrap, we do, we have, and will continue to try to talk to them, probably for far too long. When somebody pulls this line you should know they are full of crap. Instead of calling it like it is they obsfucate the argument with half truths and lies. Hitler thanks you.

George Soros for funding left wing wack job internet hate groups. Hitler thanks you.

Let me quote three famous lines by Hitler,

“How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.”
“The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”
“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”


When there is injustice in the world it is the responsibility of the strong to stop it. I don't know who said that or exactly how the quote goes but either you support the coming Holocaust or you resist it. There really is no middle ground here.

There are a lot of people who will read this and think I'm nuts. That's ok but know this ... the holocaust is coming again. It's not going to be a surpise. Everything is clearly laid out. Many of you will stand by and let it happens for a number of reasons. You may hate the Jews, you may hate the United States, you may crave political power for your own agenda. Whatever the reason you are no friend of mine and remember ...

Hitler thanks you.