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Dear Mr. President Obama,

I hear reports on the news about how the White House is making it easier for small business to get loans.  I respectfully decline the offer.  I don't want your loans.  Here's what I want instead.  How about instead you stop the government from screwing small business?  Yeah that would be sweet.

I don't want the bank or any agency of the government as a business partner.  That's what a loan does.  Instead of working for me and my employees we work first for the bank.  What makes it outrageous is that the money they are lending IS OUR FREAKING MONEY!  They borrow cheap money at near zero interest from the Fed and lend it out or they got it as bailout money, either way we the taxpayers have to not only pay the loan back with interest we incur the debt by lending federal borrowed money to the bank in the first place ... so they can lend it to us ... so we can pay them back ... our own money.

Does your head hurt yet? 

If I'm not making a profit now how is making a loan easier to get going to help?  Let me be profitable first.

Instead Mr. President try these ...

1 - Keep taxes reasonably low - It's an unrefutable FACT that low taxes INCREASE federal revenue.  As sure as the sun rises in the east low taxes increases business hiring, profitability, spending, etc.  Anyone, and I mean anyone that says otherwise is either ignorant, lying, or a commie. (Oops, that's a sore spot I know with *some* of your czars)

2 - Stop over spending - I know this point is falling on deaf ears but INSANE government spending is destroying the economy.  The federal government is flat out of money so stop dreaming up new ways to spend even more on your wish list.  I don't care how worthy the project is there is NO MONEY LEFT.  You took an already criminal debt and tripled it.

These two suggestions alone will unchain business.  You think you are helping business, you are not. You don't have a clue and I fear that by the time the country replaces you with somebody who does it may be too late.