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Dontcha just love it when somebody just nails it? Katie Kieffer really nails it here.

You Deserve the Truth. Real Education and Solutions to Obama’s Lies.

Get Kieffer’s Book: Let Me Be Clear

“Katie Kieffer is that new breed of conservative: young, articulate, and most important, willing to think outside the box. Read for yourself and enjoy.”
—Jason Lewis, syndicated radio host and author

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Intro Snippet 

Dear Barack Obama,


Let me begin by borrowing one of your favorite phrases. Let me be clear: I am a young American and I am writing on behalf of my generation. We are the Millennial Generation and we are 95 million strong. I am writing to request recompense for victimizing us for your political gain. You promised us jobs, hope, and change. In the end, you followed through only on the “change.”

You duped Millennials into voting for you not once but twice and implemented unconstitutional decrees that robbed us of the opportunities that we deserve. We are the first generation of Americans to be financially worse off than our parents. Your puerile policies and pomposity have rendered it nearly impossible for us to achieve the American Dream… Source - Read More

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