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Cornpone Caller Background / Cornpone Voice Mails / Cornpone Challenge / Dom G Demagogue Rap / Jew Haters

angry caller Background on the original "Cornpone Caller"

So last week I'm listening to the radio and Chris Stigall gets two calls in a row from classic Cornpone Callers. These are the sort of caller that go off half baked on a host about anything and everything but always come back around to how much the host sucks. They never leave that part out and these guys reall think Chris sucks! I wish I had audio of these two callers but was unable to obtain permission to use it.

Long time listners to talk radio in Philadelphia may remember how the term "Cornpone Caller" came about. One guy in particular (and I DO have his audio below) used to call up Phil Valentine and one day Phil gave him that nickname. Originally the caller tried to tag Phil with the nickname "Cornpone" but Phil turned the tables on him by nicknaming him the "Cornpone Caller."  He then turned his attention to Dom Giordano who renamed him "The artist originally known as the Cornpone Caller now known as the Cornpone Caller again."

Keep reading for some hateful voice mails and a parody rap


The Cornpone challenge - October 1999 (Originally posted to 

This week I realized my "Life Dream # 457" by actually getting the chance to go one on one with the famous "Cornpone Caller" on the Dom Giordano show. For those that don't know who he is, Cornpone is probably the biggest idiot ever to call any talk station, besides me. Always sounding very drunk he pesters the producers up to a dozen times a show and leaves multiple voice messages.

Regular listeners relish his calls, it's comforting to know that no matter what goes wrong in life there is always somebody out there that is a bigger idiot than the rest of us. I received several emails asking to post the challenge I presented to him. Cornpone claimed to earn $75K per year in a recent exchange with Dom. I called Dom to offer an additional $75K IF he can do the following,

  • Present a W-2 proving he actually earned $75K
  • Accurately spell "Cornpone"
  • Count to 12 without taking off his shoes.

Cornpone will take Dom and me out to a 4 star eatery to consummate the deal.

It wasn't long before Cornpone called in to take me to task but deftly sidestepped my offer. He countered with a brilliant diversion, he called me a fag. oooohhhhhhh... I'm soooo scared.

Jew Haters

One thing consistent with CC was his hatred of Jews. Even if you weren't Jewish he found a way to connect you and hate you as well. His calls were clearly insane and strangely entertaining at the same time. It is often scary how easily Anti-Semetics find a reason to spew their hate. I won't even try to understand. I bring it up mostly to bang some sense into the heads of Leftist Jews who seem to put Leftism ahead of Israel. Make no mistake, Anti-Semetism is widespread in America and getting worse all the time. If this country falls where do the Leftists think they will go? American is the last refuge of the Liberal Jew. I'm sure to get emails from people calling ME a Jew hater, save yourself the time and don't bother. My parents were German and grew up under Hitler. They raised me pro Jew and a loyal American. (Oh they came here legally to but that's another post)

Cornpone Voice Mail

This is the real deal, not made up.

Dom Giordano Demagogue Rap

As a tribute to the Cornpone we present the "Dom, Dom the Demagogue" Rap   Lyrics anonymously faxed in to DB, sung by producer John Stolnis with backup vocals by none other than The Cornpone Caller.  Produced by John Stolnis.  All rights reserved.