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Girl Rules that Guys should know

In response to Guy Rules that Girls should know

The following is from "Jenna" who says "This is my response to yours tough guy!"
submitted and originally posted in the spring of 2002

1. Don't always expect us to call you.. The phone works both ways!! You know the drill!!

2. No matter if we're fat or not.. Most girls aren't as self-confident as  guys! And we need to be complimented as often as possible!

3. Birthdays, Vday, & Anniversaries are important to us... Can't you remember 
three important dates out of the whole year!? We remember them.. Why can't 

4. You can't play around with our head no matter what the circumstances!!! It's not fair! Make up your mind!!!

5. Eight times out of ten......The boobs on TV or in magazines AREN'T  REAL!!! So get over them!!

6. DO NOT act different or be a jerk around your friends.. It will get you  in the end... (We remember these types of things)

7. Know the situations not to make stupid jokes!! It only makes you look  like more of an ass!!

8. You're the guy, don't expect us to pay for your food!! It's bad enough  if you're not paying for us!!

9. No matter what, we don't want to hear about another "chick" you dated, were interested in, kissed etc.

10. Don't make comments about our old boyfriends it only makes you look more jealous!!

11. If YOU kiss us.. Know that we're going to expect you to call us!!! Don't be an ass about it! YOU MADE THE MOVE!!

12. Being drunk is not an excuse for ANY of your actions!!!

13. "Hanging out with the guys" can not consume all your time!! We need time too!!

14. You can come shopping with us!! We would do it for you! So don't 
complain the whole time!!!

15. You can put the toilet seat down.... That's how you found it!!

16. Don't make comments about our family... It's just something you don't do!!

17. If you kissed us in that past week... I DON'T CARE WHO SHE IS, WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE OR HOW BIG HER BOOBS ARE... You are not supposes to kiss her too..!!

18. Do not brag to your friends...unless you want us to discuss with the 
girls how small your penis is.....

19. Don't lead us on... Because we will talk about what a jerk you are, & it really doesn't give you a good reputation around the other girls you may be interested in!! Got it??

20. We don't want to ALWAYS want porn as much as you do!!

21. If we have a big game, meet, competition, or any kind of important 
event... WE EXPECT YOU TO BE THERE!! It's just a given.

22. Don't move too fast.. It only makes us think how long it's REALLY been since you got some!! You'll know when we're ready okay?

23. You have to meet the rest of the family someday!! Just know how to act!!

24. "I love you" is a big step..... Don't say it if you don't mean it!!

25. Know our songs when they come on the radio.

26. Come & pick us up when we need you to.. Most of the time we just want to see you :-)

27. Be there for us when we need you. A smile, a call, a kiss, a hug, a 
visit, or just listening can go a long way when we're done or mad at you.

28. Talk about your feelings sometimes... it helpls A LOT!!

29. Don't lie to us about anything!! You know we're going to find out  eventually!!

30. Once we break up or break things off.. It's WRONG to be interested or date a close friend of ours!

31. If you make a promise & then break it.. WE'RE GOING TO BE PISSED! Just expect it.

32. Don't brag about the size of your manhood, It just makes you look really stupid.

33. DO NOT hit on or lead on numerous girls... Because it definitely sucks for you when we all find out... You just ruined your chances with all of us!!

34. Most of the time... If you have a car, you have kissed us before, & 
you're the same place we are... There is a possibility we might ask you for a ride home if we really need it, don't get mad... It's really not that big of a deal!!!!

35. Don't cheat on your girlfriends with us... It puts us both in a real bad situation.

36. We have PMS every month.. Please just try to understand... We don't feel good, we're angry, and we're emotional.. DON'T FIGHT WITH US.. It's just something you don't want to do.

37. Most of the things you do reflects back on us in some way.. or 
effects us in some way.... Don't do anything stupid!

38. If you still have feelings for your ex, don't get involved with us.. We'd rather not be in the middle of that one!!

39. Don't get involved with us or do anything with us if you don't want 
anyone to know about it! Or don't expect anything to happen between us ... It's really not that hard at all!!!