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From the Poconos to Cape May - A.C. to the Amish, it's

Welcome ~ About Philly Talk ~ Site History

Welcome to, part Blog, part gateway to the Forums.  Like the tagline says ... "From the Poconos to Cape May - A.C. to the Amish, it's Philly"

In this site you'll find all sorts of useful and interesting information as well as the discussion forums.  People coming in from the old sites and elsewhere are welcome to visit the forums and browse around.

I wanted to bring back as a stand alone site the original concept of a meeting place among friends.  Here we finally have some room to have some fun with new online toys.  The replacement forum software (2003) allows for many features to those that are registered members.

The same high standards as before apply here.  You are welcome to use the forums as long as you abide by the guidelines and act responsibly.  They are simple and common sense.  These standards have gained the respect of many and the anger of a few.  Considering the source of both sentiments I am quite satisfied what we have created is worthwhile.

Site History

The concept for PhillyTalk came about in 1994 as a online meeting place among a small circle of friends.  As years went by some of the original members moved or passed away.  New people joined and the community grew.  We've made friends from all over the country and in many other parts of the world.  Some are former Philadelphians, some attended college here or worked in the area for a period of time.  We all share a bond of respect and common interests.  This new site is a continuation of that original idea and promise.

In 1997 those of us that liked talk radio started exchanging emails, jokes and topical information.  This grew into an original and novel website called "The Philadelphia / Delaware Valley Talk Radio Website" ... a real mouthful.  It was the first and only website dedicated to covering talk radio in the Philly area.  Portions of the site went public in January 1998 and it quickly grew to be the most read website on local talk radio.  It became so big that we merged several smaller sites into Philly Talk Radio Online shortly thereafter.

Again the site grew quickly. We outgrew a few message boards along the way.  Ultimately after several expansions and server moves I had to make one final (I hope) move.  The new larger digs gave us 5,000 megs of server space and an enormous amount of bandwidth.  We outgrew that as well.  Now the host allows 20 gigs (as of 2006).

Finally after developing a number of highly successful websites that in one way or another dealt with Philadelphia or talk radio I got around to combining several concepts into this site.  At it's heart it remains a gathering place for friends.

January 2009 - I just did a backup and the total size of all related websites under our control surpassed 1.2 gigs in a zipped file.

Philly Slang


Don't miss The Philly Slang Page for an extensive list and history of our own unique dialect.


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