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  Talk Radio Notes - 2000 - July thru December

Wednesday December 27th

Steve Martorano starts new job on January 1st.  Not in Philly radio.

Jason Meyer starts new job on January 8th.  Not in Philly radio.

Tuesday December 26th

Tom Bigby (WIP, WPHT PD) is home from the hospital after 35 fun filled days in the hospital.  Geesh what some guys will do to take a few extra days off from work!

This past Sunday some callers got through, and on the air, venting about the addition of Sid Mark to WPHT.  This sent in ... Kevin Waldren and Vic Tadesco both were scheduled to air taped programs but because it was there last show at WPHT the went live and got a few calls bad mouthing Sid Mark and management.

Friday December 22nd

Michael Smerconish announced yesterday that he re-upped with WPHT.  Thus concludes the second bit of news out of WPHT this year.

Wednesday December 20th

New time to be announced later today for the Rich Levin's PC Talk - Saturdays from 3 to 5 PM on WPHT 1210-AM.  This move prompted by the addition of Sid Mark and the Sounds of Sinatra to Saturday mornings.

Following Sid Mark at 1 PM is the new time slot for Rick and Art's Home Show until 3 PM on WPHT 1210-AM.

Coming in January, more info on another former DB talker's new start up project.

Jay and Hilarie will announce deal soon, streaming included.

Saturday December 16th

Here is a good article from Jim Nolan in the Daily News on Sid Mark and WPHT.  
While not a talk host, Sid's moving to WPHT (the last remaining "flamethrower" in town) is probably the second biggest story for a talk radio station in Philly this year.  First of course is the Beasley's dumping talk altogether on 96.5 for 80's rock, including Sid and his "Sounds of Sinatra".  The out of towners reading this site can get a better feel as to why this is big just by reading the above story.  Sid will displace Phil Hendrie on Friday nights and require the moving of Rick and Art as well as Rich Levin on Saturdays.  Saturdays already have time built into the schedule for this due to the repeat of 5 hours of weekday shows.  Sunday's are another matter and that schedule is not firmed up yet.  Streaming Audio of the announcement is linked below.

Rumor:  Money Talk out of Florida on WWDB AM 860 will be folded up around July or August.

Friday December 15th

Sid Mark will return to WPHT on Christmas Day, in stereo, from 7AM to 7PM.
After that on Friday (12/29) 7PM to 10PM.  Saturdays 8AM to 1PM.  Sundays 8AM to 1PM.

Listen to some Real Audio of the announcement.
(7 minute clip of the 2PM press conference)

Credit is due to Chris Coleman who picked up on the news that PHT will air Sid in Stereo.  As far as I could tell Chris was the only one who figured that one out.

Thursday December 14th

OK the fat lady has sung, the fight of the election results is over.  Al Gore surprised everybody with a nice speech last night.  You can listen to it here if you missed it. (Real Audio, 6:45)

As citizens OUR job is just beginning.  Whether you are left, right or middle I guarantee one thing.  The people who REALLY didn't get elected president will try to highjack the office by placing pressure the one that prevailed.  You'll see the usual liberal whining and conniving.  Along with that you'll see the extreme right emboldened by the victory of one they previously deemed unworthy of their conservative mantle.  Beware of those on both sides of the ideological spectrum.  Most of us out here believe in pretty much the same thing.  We only THINK we are very different because the jackasses in D.C. have done their best to trick us into thinking we don't have common ground.  Now that the election nightmare is over it's up to us to keep a careful eye on our public servants.

Tuesday December 12th

Hospital Report - Tom Bigby called in to WIP from his hospital bed.  He is still in the hospital after a setback in treatment and is recovering from more procedures.

WWDB AM 860 - Well maybe file this under "WHO CARES" because it has little to do with talk.  Beasley flipped religious brokered AM 860 to financial talk yesterday.  It was no surprise, the word was out for some time and talked about at length by the radio geeks that follow this sort of thing (God Bless them for they are the soul of radio) BUT for this site... YAWN.  There is some sort of cosmic curse in bringing back the WWDB calls for this.  They currently simulcast South Florida programming but are actively looking to insert local financial people.  Maybe teach the people in Palm Beach County some things first eh?  You may, or should, remember that WWDB used to do talk on AM 860 last year for a time splitting the stable of talkers between both stations.

OK, I was called to task for a few details below regarding the length of contract between WPHT and Smerconish.  One year, multi year, negotiating window, renegotiating window, STOP... blah blah blah, none of that is really our business nor does it matter.  Is there gonna be a deal or not?  That's it, pure and simple.  My bet? Sure there will, it will work out and this flap will go away.

Today the monthly ratings trends for Philly are due, is there any point at all now in following them or just wait until the fall book comes out in January?

I sent this out to one of many emails I got in response to what I posted at the bottom of the December 11th note....
"Thanks, I am continually amazed and encouraged at the number of sincere and well meaning people that I have come in contact with because of this site.  I could be argued that such a loss has no place being aired here but I choose to be completely open with people, sharing the good and the bad.  In this instance and many times before the people that read what I post have responded wonderfully."

Monday December 11th

In today's Daily News Stu prints some letters from readers about their frustration of not having Sid Mark on the air.  Excerpt... 
The Daily News heard you, Ed. To join the protest, send a note saying "I'll Listen" to the Editorial Board, Daily News, Box 7788, Phila., Pa. 19101, and your name will be added to a petition.

Well they can then send it all to WPHT who, according to info gained from outside the station, is ... it is hoped ... to be onboard with them for early January.  If not by then the hope is before June 2001.  A Friday, Saturday and Sunday show is the rumor... yes a rumor.  Don't hold me to this one.

Now the OTHER "news item" alluded to below.  The word on the street is that WPHT and the Michael Smerconish Show has yet to come to terms on a new contract.  The old contract was up last week.  If you remember last year at this time noises were made that Smerconish was being courted by WWDB where he got his start on Saturday mornings.  At DB he could keep his 5 to 7 slot which would have made a logistical mess and most likely forced somebody else off the air over there.  All went right and he stayed at WPHT for another year.  That year is now up.

I had hoped to have something better to post on this by today, maybe a resolution, maybe a "oh, forget about it... false alarm" and tucked my head in my ass and went about getting ready for the holidays.  I normally tune out the web between mid November and January 2nd.  This year has had other plans for me, DB blew up, the election blew up, etc.

Now the real world once again calls attention away from this little hobby as our extended family mourns the loss of a young relative.  Rest in peace Diane.  You will be missed.

Saturday December 9th

Yeah I just knew posting the below "announcements" would start rampant speculation and demands for more info.  If I don't get additional reliable info by Monday I'll just go with rumors.

Thursday December 7th (updated 11:00)

Two big announcements (perhaps "news items" is a better way to put it) are coming from WPHT1210AM

One is a surprise but not really all that unexpected
Update: Sid Mark is expected to sing (pun intended) on with WPHT.

The second is a complete shock and disappointment.


Citzenship Quiz, 12 questions from the INS test. - thanks Ralph.

Know your Chads, funny link - thanks Mike

repeatedly sent to me, thanks all...

We now live in a country where I have no President but I do have ...

1) A dead Senator from Missouri going to Congress.

2) A fake President played on TV by Martin Sheen.

3) A new Senator from New York who used to be the wife of the boss of the
man who may be President.

4) A Governor from Florida who is the brother of the man who may be
President and son of a man who was.

5) A sitting President whose wife now will be hanging around the same men who voted to remove him from office.

6) A senior Senator from South Carolina who, under our current Constitution rules, could be appointed to be President in this standoff despite the fact that he is 98.

7) A potential Vice President who, because he did not take his name off the Connecticut Senate race, could end up being the deciding factor in how the Senate is composed.

And finally ...

8) A state where a Republican Secretary of State and a Democratic Attorney General try to determine the outcome of 25 electoral votes without appearing to be partisan.

Any questions? Frankly, I don't see what the confusion is all about.

The movie "102 Dalmatians" is set to release this weekend. However, in Florida it's only going to be "97 Dalmatians." Palm Beach County has decided to throw out 5 of them because the dots were in the wrong place.

Tuesday December 5th

The AOH Division 99 will have a Mass this Saturday in honor of P/O Daniel Faulkner in remembrance of his passing.
The Mass will be at 7 am at:
The Chapel of Divine Love
22nd & Green Streets
The Chapel is 4 blocks from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

From the Radio Times website: Thursday 11/30/2000 Hour Two
The rise and fall of talk radio. With the loss of chatterbox WWDB this month, we assess the changing nature of talk radio in America. A quick tour of the AM dial will show you there are plenty of talk shows but is anybody still listening? Listen to this show via Real Audio (1 hour)

Sunday December 3rd

Philadelphia Inquirer - Life section / The Skinny by Michael Klein
Get a pink slip, lose a Cadillac
WWDB-FM sales manager Dan Sullivan was just as stunned as everyone else when he arrived at work last month and got pink-slipped in the station's change of format from talk to '80s hits... read the rest here

Thursday November 30th

Rollye James is scheduled to be on MSNBC sometime shortly after 4:30 PM today.  On her website she posts this link on gun control - It's a pretty powerful piece that defies a short description.  It's the best piece of  Shockwave 5 I have ever seen. (if you need an update it will prompt you) It will take 3 minutes to load on a regular modem but it's well worth the wait.  Being of German descent the angle that interested me the most was the reference to Hitler's rise to power.  As a history buff I am disturbed by how often it repeats.  Take the time to click the link, you won't be sorry.

Programming note:  The future of Philly Talk Radio on Radio Times today on WHYY at 11AM.

Wednesday November 29th

WPHT releases new positioning spots.  Previously they went from using, "The NEW #1 talk station" to "Philly's ONLY talk station" and now openly mention the demise of DB in this spot.  This one is from an Mp3, converted to Real Audio, 3:01 in length.  Used with permission.

Big Talker WPHT 1210AM Audio, November 2000

Monday November 27th

From Stu's column today - Excerpt - Tongues were set wagging when WWDB discard Irv Homer was spotted coming out of the City Line building that is home to WPHT talk radio, carrying a manila envelope under his arm. Turns out he was there not for a job interview (he's under a no-compete clause until May, check with me then) but to cut commercials for Cherry Hill Wellness Center, which he is allowed to do. On another front, look for Evil Irv's exposure to increase on Marc Howard's Sunday-morning "Inside Story" snip-and-snarl TV show.

See how this stuff starts?  Irv cuts some spots and people get hysterical.

Here's What's Newz to date:

Irv Homer recorded some on air spots at WPHT
Susan Bray did the same
Steve Martorano did / does some shows on PhillyTVNews at 7PM and in my opinion they could just let him do it alone and unrestricted.
Tom Mac Donald, former DB newsguy, still works at Metro and read the news for PHT on Friday
WPEN says NO "NewsTalk 950" .. file that under, "From the horse's mouth"
Greater Media, who owns WPEN, is expected to hire an off air staffer from DB, no big deal there.  More next week.

As for the rest only time will tell.

Thanksgiving update:

Rollye James, in the spirit of public service and in support of those who want real programming on the holiday, will run through your own list of Worst HIT records of all time tonight at 10pm.

Monday November 20th

Could WPEN be making some room
for a morning talk show?

Well, maybe not BUT Dean Tyler and Elaine Soncini are leaving the station on the first of December.  Tyler is the station manager and Soncini wound up to be best known for her "affair" with accused wife killer Rabbi Fred Neulander.  Soncini has broadcasted from her home in Florida for some time now.  The speculation is that PEN might be making room for morning talk.  Sunday evening while on the phone with one of the possible hosts my reaction was, Yeah Right... PEN will get rid of Dean and Elaine.  Wrong again.  Like an idiot I promised to keep the conversation off the record.
An article in the Daily News today covers this even better.  (why is the Daily News so good at covering radio I wonder?)  In their story the slant is much different, no talk team coming at all.  And Stu Byko mentions Tom Bigby's operation and separately, what Tom Mac Donald is doing.  Tom is a former DB'er employed by Metro.  Tom and I went to the same college only Tom was awake most of the time.

Friday November 17th

WIP and WPHT PD, Tom Bigby underwent triple bypass surgery yesterday afternoon.

Thanks Jim for reminding me that the
Year 2000 AIR awards winners are out.
Best Traffic Reporter - John Brown, Metro Networks
Best Talk Show Host - WPHT Michael Smerconish
Best Morning Team - WMMR Barsky in the Morning and team
Best Spot News - WWDB Tom MacDonald & Brad Segall, Pier Collapse
Best Sports Reporting - WWDB, Mike Rossi
Best Public Service Announcement - WWDB Zach Giltrap 

Tom Marr WCBM, Baltimore has an interview with delegate Jim Kelly who testified that democratic ballot counters were removing "chads" from ballots resulting in pro Gore votes.

Thursday November 16th

Michael Klein in the Inky has a story on the election coverage and talk radio, specifically Dom's show. - So where are juicy conspiracy theories?

Jay and Hilarie are doing a fill in gig on KLIF in Dallas / Ft. Worth. The station's website has a show archive and live streaming.  Next show is Friday morning AM drive, they finish at 10 Philly time.  Current PD is Jeff Hilery, former WWDB PD.

UPDATE: Tom Bigby is in for a triple bypass. (see below)

Comments were made this morning (11/15) that WIP & WPHT program director Tom Bigby is in Jefferson Hospital as a result of a heart condition.

Fall Arbitrends
Station / Summer / Fall (August, September, October)
WIP / 2.7 / 3.0
WPHT / 2.8 / 3.0
WWDB / 2.8 / 2.8
WKXW / 1.0 / 1.1

Wednesday November 15th
wwdb takes issue with me / Beasley buys more stations / Stu Bykofsky in the Daily News on "The Point" air spots / Old post on Stream Audio / Newstalk 950? beats me.

File this under for what's it's worth dept. - WWDB takes issue with my characterization of them removing items from the building as "Ripping out" and instead contend this ...
There have been plans for quite some time to possibly move to the XTU studios, but nothing has been done yet.  The only engineering moves have been for transmitter, music, automation, and processing.

File this in the "Just when you thought Beasley was going to sell everything dept. -- All Access reports this -- BEASLEY BROADCAST GROUP has announced that it has entered into a deal with GEORGE BUCK's GHB of CLEARWATER and GHB of AUGUSTA to acquire for approximately $12 million WKXC (KICKS 99) and WSLT (LITE 98)/AUGUSTA, GA. They are added to the existing cluster of WCHZ, WGOR, WGAC-A, WAJY, WRDW-A and WRFN giving BEASLEY 6 FMs and 2 AMs in the market.

In Stu's column today he comments on the new "Point" air commercials and the similarity to B101's spots.

OLD POSTMore From Tuesday --

OLD POST - Newstalk 950?  hmmmm..... beats me.

Tuesday November 14th

Dom G. strikes back at the Democrats in Florida / Steve Martorano on PhillyNews / How NOT to fire a guy / Wife of DB's News Director writes Inky

Dom Giordano has another one of his wonderful ideas at  Personally I thought this one would be a bust but word spread like crazy and effectively shut down the site yesterday for a time.  I'm told by one of his listeners that it is estimated to  take more than 2 hours to read all the messages / petition signatures.

Best line form last night's PhillyNews election coverage... "Gentleman, I'm going to shoot myself." - Steve Martorano after listening to 2 lawyers talk case precedent for 5 minutes.  I didn't hear the line, it was emailed to me.  I actually grabbed a pen and jammed it into my brain after 3 minutes.

When you fire your sales manager it would be good form to provide him with a cab ride home instead of demanding he return the keys to the company car and force him to call his wife to drive all the way in to pick him up.

If you didn't read yesterday's letters to the editor in the Inky (link below) go back and read the one signed with the last name "Dorn" and figure it out.  For the most part the radio people are not always happy with the Inky's periodic coverage of radio.

Link from yesterday - The election results by county -

Monday November 13th
Stu confirms the PTRO story on DB format flip ugliness / Letters to the editor in the INKY on DB / registering "The Point" / Evacuating the WWDB building / Ziegler comments on election

In today's Daily News Stu confirms the "behind the scenes" story you read here first on November 8th below.  In his usual kinder, gentler style he relates the same nastiness in an easier to absorb way but the end "point" is still the same.  This story gets even better, as I've learned, and more will be posted soon.  Thanks Stu, keep up the good work.

In today's INKY are some letters to the editor regarding WWDB.  On the Op-Ed page is a column by former sales executive Jeff Hurvitz.  Jeff provides a nice timeline for ownership and shares his personal thoughts on the station.

On November 3rd the Beasley's registered (482 NE 31st Street BOCA RATON, FL 33431)

Thinking of mailing complaints to "the WWDB building" on Levering Mill Road?  Better hurry.  They are ripping out everything and moving it into the 555 building with WXTU and "The Point" will broadcast from there.  The new studio that was recently completed, and everything else, will soon be gone.

Due to another radio matter (meaning non DB) the rest of today's material will be delayed.  I know many were looking forward to the latest juicy stuff, just hold on till we clear up this other mess.  PTRO regulars may inquire, the rest wait.

Sunday November 12th

The Rollye James Show went national via satellite this past week.  Her newly revamped website is at  While I can't comment on the design, for reasons which will be obvious when you read her main page, I must say that it is a step up from her last one.  Not mentioned is who did her picture pasted here.  Now THAT guy really has talent.  Me, I'm just a nut.  Which brings me to the inevitable question, "How can you be unbiased?"  Get ready, I'm not, everybody is biased.  You are reading a page that is a creative hobby.  It IS listener based and listener responsive but anybody that takes this "hobby" as an alternative for journalism or "covering" talk radio needs a life.  I was damn lucky to pitch in and help Rollye, it was challenging and fun ... ummm ... a creative outlet.  While I sit here at this keyboard I'm not thinking about work, the leaves, the car that needs to be waxed... I'll get to all them shortly but for a few minutes at the keyboard I zone out the rest of the world and create something from nothing.

Friday November 10th / Saturday 11th

Kent Voss and the format flip rumors / Sid Mark rumor / Dom G and BingoGate / Where's the beef? / Smerconish on Channel 3

Kent Voss denies complicity in DB format flip - go to for his side of the story.  Some people had claimed that Kent knew for months that DB was going to flip.  That same rumor, and worse, was fed to me here.  Like much of what I get I dismissed it on a hunch figuring that whatever is meant to come out will come out, eventually.

Sid Mark due to sign with a new station today.  Rumor, there is that work again, puts him on WPEN.

Jay Leno must have had Dom Giordano in mind when he used the Bingo Card analogy with regard to the Florida ballots.  On Dom's website he came up with BINGOgate! to describe how the elderly voters could keep track of bingo cards but not read a simple ballot.  Graphics are posted.

Thursday November 9th

If you missed the format flip this past Monday on WWDB here is the streaming audio. (Real Audio G2 or higher 2:03) Unfortunately this is probably my best attempt at streaming.  I wish it was for something more pleasant.  Your real player may re-buffer a couple times due to the file size.

WWDB (they're keeping the calls for now) "The Point" is airing TV spots now.  I was asleep but an email told me that they have people claiming that it is their favorite station.  Oh, OK.

Both WPHT and WPEN talked with Sid Mark about moving his show.

Wednesday November 8th

Behind the scenes at DB this past Monday / Clark DeLeon's Digital City column on WWDB / CBS eyeing Beasley? / Tom Marr takes no prisoners in NY

The incredible behind the scenes story on what happened at WWDB and what is next.
Exclusive to Philly Talk Radio Online

The spin,
WWDB was going to change formats and drop talk on Wednesday November 8th anyway but when word started to leak out of the station the flip was moved up to Monday morning.

The Real Story,
Right up until the Friday before, and possibly that very Monday morning, both the General Manager Dennis Begley and the Sales Manager Dan Sullivan hadn't the slightest clue that the Beasleys were going to dump talk.  They thought there was still time for the station, maybe until January before something bad would happen.  What they did think was going to happen was that the Monday meeting was being called to tell the staff about a new lineup.  The plan was, initially approved by the Beasleys, to redo the on air lineup for Wednesday morning.  What they didn't count on was that the Beasley's had no intentions of continuing talk radio at WWDB.  So while they figured out who to move, and who to fire, the Beasleys waited until they could put it off no longer.  The local management plan was to dump the morning news right after the election, dump Kent Voss, move Jay and Hilarie to the AM drive, Susan to the PM drive and Franny Rizzo the late evenings.  Gross, Homer, Corea and Martorano would stay pretty much where they were.  They even had promos cut and ready to use.  You can imagine their surprise when instead to the approved changes being made the entire format was dumped.  After this both the Inky and the Daily News pick up the story quite well below.  Good thing we have the print people to do the hard work while doofuses like me do this part.

The above is  an exclusive first report on Philly Talk Radio Online

What's next,
The best guess (just that, a guess) and by no means the only one but something that has been repeated over and over is this...
By October 1st of 2001 another station in Philly, probably an AM, would move into talk.  First by taking on existing talent and brokering the weekends.  Even though Beasley is no longer in the talk format in this town they are sticking to the non-compete clause.  Any ex-DB talker working elsewhere would be expected to have their new employer reimburse Beasley for any severance pay.  The other side is how enforceable the non-compete clause is.  Some think that it can be broken easily.  At least two consultants have been fielding calls regarding starting up a new talk station.  Of course nothing at all could happen except for WPHT to look into picking up one or two ex-DBers.

Clark DeLeon weighs in on WWDB in his Digital City column
Link moved, see DB folder for new link

Excerpt ...I gotta tell ya, even Rodney Dangerfield gets more respect than Philadelphia talk radio listeners. They get no respect at all. If they aren't being called morons and losers by sports talk radio hosts, they're being called know-it-all liberals and immoral sinners by syndicated talk show hosts out of New York and Los Angeles. And even when they were being called "Boobus Americanus," at least it was live and local. But now they won't even have "Evil Irv" Homer to kick them around anymore.

Beasley Broadcasting has been granted a license from CBS / Infinity to use "The Point" moniker for 96.5.  Rumors are now resurfacing that CBS may buy out the entire Beasley Group.  CBS had previously made at least 2 offers to buy the chain and were turned down for different reasons each time.  Another time CBS turned down a counter offer because they did not wish to keep any Beasley family on the payroll.

Tuesday November 7th (updated again at noon)

Today's Daily News is a collector's edition.  They put up a pic of Dom G. and listed him as one of the victims of the format flip.  Helllooooo? he left months ago.

I talked with several of the hosts and staff of WWDB yesterday.  They wanted me to pass along their thanks at your compassion and concern and they will let me know what future plans they have so we can share them with you right here.

Both Philly Papers covered the format flip.
Philadelphia Inquirer story 11/7/2000
Philadelphia Daily News story 11/7/2000

Here's the press release link copied from our message board yesterday.  The volume is so heavy this got pushed back to another page -

Now what next?  Soon I'll post the best guesses of those in radio about what comes next for local talk.

Monday November 6th (updated 12:30 PM below)

The King is Dead, Long live the King...

If you're listening to WWDB right now (after 9am) you are hearing a countdown.  When it gets to zero the party is over, DB will flip to music.   Only a small support staff will be staying on.


The new call letters for WWDB will be
WRPT "The Point" and play 80's Rock.

Later the calls were announced as WPTP.

Shortly after 9 AM the Beasley's came in and fired the entire staff.  A couple behind the scenes people will stay to mind the store, so to speak.

Gone, they are all gone.

Who would have thought the owners would be so fucking incompetent?  On the other hand a few brave souls hold out the hope that this is some sort of stunt to promote their pre-election coverage.  What would be more incomprehensably stupid?  Killing the heritage talker, first FM in the nation or playing a lady counting backwards to hype election coverage?

The format flip for DB had been guessed at (all wrong by the way), predicted (by many), feared (by the staff and loyal listeners), talked about here since June 1st, rumored, etc., etc.


This time it came out of nowhere.  I'm sure that one or two were in the loop late in the game but THIS TIME it was NOT predicted.   Even a stopped clock is right twice a day and as I said over and over again during the summer ANY station could change and DB was by no means immune.  Eventually conditions could make the owners change things and now that time has come.  Just like the bullet that gets you, you don't hear (or see) it coming.


Daniel Faulkner Ceremony (Real Media Clip 1:51)

 This past Thursday there was a rededication ceremony honoring the memory of Daniel Faulkner.  Roosevelt Boulevard was renamed Daniel Faulkner Memorial Highway.  This streaming video was made from that ceremony and edited to 1:51 in length.  This is the Real Media streaming version.  Real Media compression brings the file down from a 15 meg avi file (which is so big nobody will bother to download it to view) to a manageable 1.25 meg file that, in theory, should stream on demand with about 2 to 7 seconds of buffering.  On this clip the image quality seriously suffers as a tradeoff for streaming but the audio is acceptable even at 8 bit mono, 11Khz.  I used Studio DC 10 software / hardware for the capture.


Friday November 3rd

The Hillary pic you asked for / Phil Valentine commentary / right wing website / retaliation for the Cole by Monday? / Just how BAD is the new Charlie's Angels movie?

By overwhelming request here is the Hillary photo I alluded to on the message board.  I think now that I have lost control of the direction of this site.  hillary.gif - animated gif, 82K

Now who's standing in the schoolhouse door?  Commentary by Phil Valentine  /  November 2, 2000 - Good piece, not too long and to the point.  Brings up the controversial "voucher" issue at the end but otherwise nails the point of how modern liberalism treats minorities as an inferior class of students.

These people at claim that the Commies have the source code for Microsoft's latest products... that same news story from last week.  They further claim that Clinton / Gore got money laundered from the communist party in this report no I haven't read it, don't have the time for it but they do provide a contact person for radio hosts to interview at Rick Wiles (817) 579-7557.  Now on the other hand they do have 2 neat pictures of the US Cole as it is carried home.

BTW - My bet is that we hit back for the Cole attack before Monday evening.  This prez will bomb an aspirin factory to get the media away from looking at his scandals so nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

Joel Gibbs (WWDB 96.5 Saturday's at 10PM) puts out a weekly teaser newsletter from his site at  In his ramblings this week on movies, entertainment, etc. is this ... To say that the new "Charlie's Angels" movie is garbage would be an insult to garbage. Ninety minutes of my life that I'll never get back again.  He then goes on further about the movie industry.  Good stuff.

Viacom (recently merged with CBS, parent of Infinity, owner of PHT and WIP) buys back Infinity stock and buys out the BET network.

Thursday October 26th

Gil Gross passed over for KABC slot / Paula Jones ... "I will never pose nude" / Real Player 8 is out

Tom Looney reports in his LAradio column that KABC picked "Don and Amy" for it's morning team.  We posted a rumor below that a station in LA was talking with a known name in Philly as well.  Among others Tom mentions that WWDB talker Gil Gross was in the running

Well, she looks better after the nose job ... Paula Jones cashed in on her "fame" by posing in Penthouse.  Thanks to Mike for sending these.

Paula1.jpg (48533 bytes)     Paula3.jpg (41800 bytes) reports that they have released Real Player 8.  They boast better compression quality vs Mp3's at a lower file size, full screen video, access to over 2,500 radio stations and more.  We have not tested this one and for not there is no compelling reason to.  Until large quantities of material is hosted on the Net that is produced with the new format you won't even notice any difference.  The trend towards better quality with existing modems is promising.

Monday October 23rd

Al Gore's Penis / Expanding on the 10% CBS/Infinity cut / Tirade against Dr. Laura's apology / 10 Things a New York Senate Candidate Has to
Keep Straight During a Subway Series / Roberta Gale & streaming audio

Does the size of a presidential candidate's penis influence your vote?  Rolling Stone Magazine thinks that it does.

You've all heard about the cover of the November issue of Rolling Stone Magazine by now.  In this cover photo Al Gore looks his usual semi-wooden almost likeable self.

GORE2.jpg (127084 bytes)

Now the story goes like this ... First Rolling Stone leaked a story that Al was so BIG in the crotch area that they had to make him smaller by airbrushing out his obvious erection. ( ran with all this first, don't complain to me about the language) THEN Page 6 from the Times in NY ran the new version of the story that far from reducing Al's "Package" they enhanced it.  Having some limited experience with altering digital images let me say that in this enlarged image it is obvious that on the right side the folds of the pants are blurred out and on the left side something is added in.

GORE.jpg (28554 bytes)

The editing on Al's image is blatant and amateurish, something that some hack like me could do in less than 5 minutes.  Rolling Stone wanted people to notice.

Below I posted in a rambling commentary about CBS ordering a 10% budget cut.  This confused some ... I have a gift for that, it's not their fault.  I got this email ... (edited for author's privacy, permission is sought or notice is given when posting emails.)
Surf ... what are you talking about..  (PHT has) not seen any 10% pay 
cut .... Look (CBS/PHT doesn't)  believe we have to market our stations, We hire compelling talk show hosts who say things people talk about ... and don't worried about the cume at PHT, WIP makes a ton of money with a cume around 400,000 ... PHt will be fine, After all its only been 10 months.
Of course I welcome ANY station taking me to task for anything I post here.  Let me repeat that I did not say Pay cut but a Budget cut.  The story out of New York is that Mel ordered an immediate 10% cut and that could conceivably come from any line item in a budget.  Talk Radio listeners are frustrated to a point becuase of they are in a state of denial.  We get the feeling that our number is dwindling.  It is said, by the broadcasters, that one of the few ways to increase cume (total warm bodies listening) is via outside promotion, billboards, commercials etc.  So I applied my broken logic to assume that one item that would not see much money at PHT is promotion.  I didn't think that they would cut much at the station.  PHT is, or was, lumped together with WOGL FM.  When OGL failed to meet budget 2 years in a row CBS removed the GM and as a result of not having to pay him they met a significant portion of that required 10% cut.  Not a bright move in my book but I'm just a nitwit listener.  OGL is one of the best of it's kind.  Now Bill Figenshue has oversight over PHT.  Actually he's been keeping an eye on things since I first heard CBS bring his name up to me almost a year ago.  Bill monitors troubled stations for CBS / Infinity.

Roberta Gale gets streaming audio - - it uses a new type (sufernetwork) of streaming plug in that you will have to download.

Thursday October 19th

This from the industry trade RAIN ... Radio website design house Feed The Monster suspended operations last week, after an apparent cash struggle with main investor and sole client CBS/Infinity... Oh Great CBS ... your Net policy train is now not only down the wrong track but the bridge is out too.  You (the listener) were waiting for an official corporate go ahead for you local CBS station to put up a website?

Some of the ratings details as it applies to talk stations

Station   FormatFall 99 Win 00Spr 00M/J/JJ/J/ASummer 2000
WPHT-A   Talk0.8    2.3    2.0    2.1    2.5    2.8    
WWDB   Talk4.1    3.4    2.9    2.8    2.1    2.8    
WIP-A   Sports2.8    3.1    3.2    2.7    2.5    2.7    
WDAS-A   Religious1.2    1.5    1.4    1.5    1.6    1.8    
WHAT-A   Talk1.3    1.2    1.0    1.1    1.1    1.0    
WKXW   Talk1.0    0.9    0.8    0.8    1.0    1.0    

Nashville - WLAC talk show host Phil Valentine picked up three more AIR Awards yesterday at a ceremony honoring Achievement In Radio (AIR) at Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel. Valentine's awards included Best Afternoon Drive-Time Host. That brings the total to six AIR Awards that Valentine has received since his return to Nashville a little over two years ago. Earlier this year he picked up the Gold WorldMedal from the New York Festivals International Radio Competition in New York City for Best Talk Show Host. Valentine was also the recipient of three Philadelphia AIR Awards just prior to his return to Nashville, including Best Talk Show and Best Morning Show.


First I fried my email when I went past my account limit ... this website is well past 45 megs on this domain alone ... then the servers went down knocking this site off the Net.  Then the standard, "What happened ..." emails.  Some of the hosts changed a couple of things on their sites recently and some more in the works.

Oh the ratings came out.  Nothing to celebrate there for anybody.  DB is down from the Spring to tie with PHT at 2.8  WIP slipped a bit.  PHT is running something like they are the "New #1 Talk Station" but with a cume about as low as Bill Clinton's morals I wouldn't jump for joy too much.  Sure the 25-54 demo is improved somewhat BUT our ol' buddy Mel Karmizan at CBS ordered a 10% budget cut so you can kiss any outside promotions for PHT Buh-Bye.

WWDB released an in-house, and much improved, in my opinion, website this past week.  Too Bad because we were going to give them the worst (outside the news links section) freaking website in the solar system award for any radio station broadcasting in English.  Beasley should just take their entire interactive division and set it afire.  Let the local stations run, and control their own sites.  Stick to your condos in Florida and let the Radio Heads run the station.  In other words mr. corporate meddling asswipes, shut up already.

Speaking of Languages ... the rumor below was fun until it was pointed out to me that Radio Unica's recent IPO of 98 million  wouldn't even by DB and XTU let alone the Beasley Chain.  As much as well want them to sell to a REAL radio company this one ain't happpenin'.

Queremos saber su opinión. Nos interesa su comentario.

No no no no nooo... this can't be good.  Miami based Spanish radio company eyeing Beasley Broadcasting properties?

Thursday October 5th

Algore / NFL streaming / PHT loses GM / DA Abraham talks scams Oct 12 / Slipping in a BJ / Mailbox (Rinker? ~ Smerc on the debates)

Is Al Gore mentally ill?  You must have heard of the 3 big lies during the first presidential debate, the lady picking up cans (refuses help from rich family), the girl standing in a classroom in need of federal help just to get a desk (while standing next to 100K of new equipment, not everything was unpacked when the picture was taken) and his visit to Texas with the Fema director to oversee the floods and fires (The Fema guy never went and Algore was only there briefly to attend a fundraiser.  One must wonder if we need yet another president who thinks we are total F'in idiots.

I get mail all the time asking if WIP streams the Eagles over the Net.  Next year the NFL will stream games over the Net, the transplanted Phillyufians will finally have what they want.  CBS continues to plod along with its' antiquated Internet policy.  Fred Flintstone could do better.

Speaking of CBS ... WOGL and WPHT's General Manager, Chris Claus, leaves this Friday.

Philly's favorite, DA Lynn Abraham, will be on WPHT on October 15 (Sunday) with money guy Austin Dutton at 11AM.  Topic: swindles and scams.  This is a rare treat since she doesn't get on the radio much anymore.

Can you say "Blow Job" on the air?  I couldn't get it by Jason Meyer.  Jason, listen to Pete Palma ... let it by.

Typical of what goes on here behind the scenes ... From the Mailbox - Every hear of (Harry Rinker)? I thought I remembered listening to an antique appraiser on the air on my way to and from Philly a short while ago,.. do you know who that may have been if not Harry Binker? And does he have a web site, or a contact number? Thanks for the info - Kathy  Soooo I email our favorite nudge UsaGiJoe who deals in this stuff all the time, he emails back ...As if anyone who reads "the Gavel" doesn't already know who Harry Rinker is! National antiques and collectibles authority, editor, author, columnist, educator, appraiser, consultant, lecturer, curmudgeon, private collector, and dedicated accumulator - Rinker is a principal in Rinker Enterprises, Inc., a firm specializing in providing consulting, editorial, educational, photographic, research, and writing services in the antiques and collectibles field.    See? I don't know much but I make friends with people that do.

Surf, after hearing the debates hashed out all day on the radio and TV I grudgingly admit that Smerkonish (sic) stepped outside the box and did it the best.  That blowhard Limblow did the expected and shilled for Bush but Mike called it just like me and my wife saw it.  His tendency to go back and forth, which can annoy me, might be his most credible asset in evaluating this election.  If you didn't hear the show I can't explain it. - T.H. via splitrock email

Monday October 2nd

Real Audio file of Rob Bartlett doing a song parody Senator Joe Lieberman doing a version of an M & M rap. (Real Audio 3:13)

Wednesday September 27th

Rumor Mill - Philly Talker in negotiations with KABC on the left coast for new morning show.

Saturday September 23rd

John Ziegler leaves WIP.
Sources at WIP 610AM say that in a meeting with Tom Bigby this past Thursday (9/21) Ziegler and Bigby could not come to an agreement where Ziegler would work at WPHT at 7pm once the Phillies season was over this weekend.  Ziegler subsequently declined to work a fill in shift at WIP.  After that it was made clear that "his talents would no longer be used here."

Friday September 22nd

WPHT is now running bits of tech advice by Rich Levin throughout the day.  This is a neat idea, sponsors pay for them, the station makes a buck, his show gets pumped and the first one I heard saved me some money.

WWDB, so the story goes, does not plan on replacing Jeff Hillery with a new PD.  Instead the new spot of Operations Manager will assume some of the duties.

Daily News article on The Miss America Pageant suing Howard Eskin.

Wednesday September 20th

WWDB's Program Director leaves town for Texas.
Jeff Hillery came to Philly from KHOW in Denver in Late July 1999.

From All Access ...


Monday September 18th

Rollye James show delays satellite launch another week as software problems at the distributor end are resolved.

Michael Smerconish and his wife had a baby boy, 8lbs. 3 oz.

Jason Meyer got married this past Saturday.

Inky editorial by Jerry Long, Sturdy Beggars

Stu has a funny column on the RAT ad.  One reader faxed him a $10 bill.

Thursday September 14th

Fixed the Al Gore links (Thanks Dan) - Here LIES Al Gore

The Boston Globe ran a story on how Al Gore embellishes the truth on 4/12/2000.

Mercifully it's been quiet in talk radio since I've been absorbed elsewhere the last 2 weeks.  The message boards that we run have been experiencing delays, they say no messages have been lost.  There have been many minor additions to the site but nothing big enough to be worth noting here.

Tuesday September 5th

Well, It's "The Day After" and DB is still broadcasting a talk format.  How could the rumor mongerers have been so completely wrong?  I dismiss the common story that WPHT propagated the story of DB flipping to talk ... this time.  Although no one could blame them for trying to get even with DB for telling callers upset over the loss of Rush and Laura that, "Oh, they moved to 770AM, they're on in New York now."  No, I think it more likely that this time the rumors started and kept going through a chain of "understandable misunderstandings."  (I should patent that misuse of our language)  It's been told to me that one way this all started was that DB bought a piece of audio equipment that, in other cases, is used to process music BUT the same people that heard about this ignored the fact that it can be, and was, tuned for talk ... by the person or people that came up with the design.  So the wishful thinking continued.  Bits and pieces were seized upon or cast off depending on how it fit the latest theory.  DB had bought a new digital delay, no more bleep bleep sorry, why would they buy that to spin CD's?  They went to stereo, AHA obviously a sign.   Well I read on Chris' board that many FM talkers, and all the big ones, already do just that.  I'm not capable of understanding why but the signal reach is reduced by beaming out in stereo but They don't care about the fringe areas anyway.  On the other hand now they can properly play some of the spots that had all that money poured into them and sound the way they were intended.  They didn't bring in Jeff and Co.. to continue mid 80's mono imaging either.

Now I'm looking real smart right now since I placed my bet that come today DB would still be in talk.  There probably is buried in the past "Newz" my comments on this from last June explaining why I thought so.  Sure anything can happen next week or next month but this time it didn't.

The average listener, not connected to the Net, went on blissfully unaware of all this.  On some message boards, mine included, the frothing went on all summer.  There are even some wild rumors still hanging around out there.  This mess is yet another reason why the Web will always have a bad name.

BTW - I called up early this morning and requested a song ... "Angry Johnny" by Poe ... next time you hear John Stolnis fill in ... request it ... please.  Don't take no for an answer ... the CD is right next door in the music studio ... really.

Saturday September 2nd

Radio has discontinued many of it's regional radio reports.  Locally these were written by Jim Templeton.  Each week Jim took the time to put together over a dozen topics, research them, call up the people and compile it all into a responsible column.  We here will miss his work very much.  Personally he saved me a ton of time and work.  I don't pretend to be a writer or journalist and being able to simply place a link here to his work was a Godsend to me.  Jim was kind enough to provide the following ...

An Open Letter To Surf and Philly Talk Radio Online Surfers

Hi Everybody,

First, I want to thank Gary (Surf) and his gang for the boost they have given my "Philly Phindings: A Radio Report" features. I know many of you came to be readers of my weekly column on because of links that were posted here.

With a tinge of regret, I'm sending this message to let you know that due to financial difficulties at – and then partly by my choice – I have not written any new stories for that Web site since July 31, and I have no immediate plans to continue writing about the Philadelphia radio scene there nor anywhere else.

I had planned on writing a "Philly Phindings Phond Pharewell" column for RadioDigest (and I still might), but in case I don't get around to it (we procrastinators love that phrase) – and thanks to Gary again for allowing me a forum here – I simply want to say "Thank you" for your interest and support during the last year.

Radio Regards,

Jim Templeton


Gore tied to 'Hillbilly Mafia'
Radio host who investigated
connection faces legal threats

By Patrick Poole
© 2000

Excerpt - A Nashville radio talk show host investigating alleged corruption on the part of rural Tennessee's so-called "Hillbilly Mafia" has uncovered suspicious business dealings between members of the group and Vice President Al Gore.

The allegations have, in turn, led to a series of threats and legal tactics by one member of the group against the radio station in an attempt to silence the talk show host.

Phil Valentine, the afternoon host for Nashville talk station WLAC first talked about the "Hillbilly Mafia" story on his show late last week.

full story...

Thursday August 31st

Some more pictures added to the picture archives.

John Stolnis on WWDB takes a call on God and Religion. (expired link)  The caller demonstrates everything a caller should NOT do on the air.  (Real Audio G2 or higher time - 1:40)

New website changes

Mornig added

Kent added

Movies Unlimited added to Listener Links, also does movie reviews on WIP Thursdays.

Tuesday August 29th

From Stu's column yesterday 8/28 - "It's way too early to pin this down, but Stu's Spies are hearing WWDB-FM is very interested in becoming the broadcast home of the Phillies next season ..."

From Stu's column last Wednesday 8/23 - WYSP afternoon DJ John DeBella is making noises about looking for a new job. His contract expires in November, I'm told, and feelers have been put out by his agent, opening doors to everything from music to talk. DeBella's agent declined to discuss his client's contractual arrangements. . .Rumors are flying that WWDB-FM will change formats after Labor Day. Some say the fact that 'DB is putting in a new console and new equipment indicates a shift to music. GM Dennis Begley says they decided to make the station stereo and upgrade equipment. The rumor of change is "absolutely false. I'm sitting here doing budgets for the year 2001 and it is a talk format I'm budgeting."

Several large talk stations already broadcast in stereo to give their sound a more full dimension.  Far more interesting than the old rumor on DB is what may be going on at PHT.

The song played by John Stolnis before I went away for some R&R was "Angry Johnny" by Poe.  Thanks to "Tempra" for the early, and accurate, guess and John himself for the confirm.  We have a funny audio file on John coming soon.

Few neat sites for you ...

Who locally has given Al Gore money?
Who locally has given George W. Bush money?
We have no excuse, we just like the mother of all excuses Web site:
Thanks to T.C. - originally from the Bucks County Courier Times

Sunday August 27th

This is probably a week old now .. the arbitrends for July

RankSum 99 Fall 99 Win 00Spr 00 M/J/J 00
WWDB   153.6    4.1    3.4    2.9    2.8    
WIP162.5    2.8    3.1    3.2    2.7    
WPHT181.7    0.8    2.3    2.0    2.1    
WHAT211.0    1.3    1.2    1.0    1.1    

Monday August 20th

Two new projects

  1. Caller survey - Things they should and shouldn't do.  You've heard them, annoying or engaging, funny or boring.  Vent your preferences or pet peeves here.  Both the hosts and the listeners thought this was  a good idea.  Early postings will be up sometime next week.

  2. Demographics survey - Similar to what the ratings companies or other media outlets gather, like Talkers Mag., but specific to THIS area and visitors to this website.  We ask a bunch of questions but it is all anonymous.

Saturday August 19th

So Bubba is under investigation yet again for lying.   Geez will this ever just go away?  Reprise of a song parody from Imus in the Morning, Rob Bartlett - Arkansas Nights (02:34 - Real Audio - Rob's Website)

Thursday August 17th

Real Audio clip of Laura Ingraham commenting on the Democratic convention on Imus. (thanks to Nick for the file)

Monday August 14th

Neat website by Brian Wilson, filling in for Gil Gross this week.

Rumor repeated ... format flip days away ... Geesh, THIS again?  If you say it enough ... well even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  Didn't we cover this back, yes I'm sure we did last June.  I got this repeated rumor on 8/9 so "days" would be how many?  I figured on posting this since it got posted to Chris' board as well.  Oh, speaking of Chris, I think that next time on his show I might spring the latest rumor on WPHT and only say it on his show first.

Saturday August 12th

From Friday's Inky, another commentary, "Impious uses of piety" by Jerry Long.  Please use the email link in the article to send comments to him directly.  While the email has been supportive it really should be sent where it belongs.

Excerpt... (On Lieberman) I live to see the day when a candidate, asked about his religious beliefs, can look his constituents in the eye and say, "I have absolutely no idea why we're alive or what happens after we die, but I hope you'll join me in celebrating every aspect of the human condition."
...I can see Al Gore now, tapping away at his computer, trying to compose an acceptance speech which will reassure us he can maintain economic prosperity without having to be chained in the White House basement howling and baying at the moon till aides throw him a fresh intern.

Friday August 11th

From the Grown em & Throw em

arroyo5.jpg (129154 bytes)  arroyo6.jpg (107374 bytes)  arroyo7.jpg (121742 bytes)  arroyo1.jpg (40892 bytes)

Contestants in killer tomato toss, expel anger toward Einhorn billboard - Mary Maddux used to play outfield. That and a little anger went a long way last night during the Daily News-WPHT (1210-AM) Ira Einhorn Killer Tomato Toss.

Thursday August 10th

The "1st Annual Grow em, Show em and Throw em" at Arroyo Grill yesterday went off to an overflow crowd.  Pictures and commentary to come.  Let me say briefly that for those professional reporters and camera-people (anybody BUT me) covering this it was a bit like a "Gallagher" show with bits and pieces of tomato everywhere.

Monday August 7th

From a listener (T.H.)
Here it goes again ... on 'DB, Irv Homer announced that he did not take his excommunication lying down, and had "contacted the Council of World Jewry" who had excommunicated him on 17 July, 5769. He issued a challenge for the council to investigate his claims that he had been highly supportive of Judiasm throughout his many years in the pubic light. Well, apparently they did investigate his claims, and issued a Proclamation that in effect re-communicated him, and apologized for the initial communication. It was signed by a Rabbi Simon

Good Luck to Dave Skalish who moves from KYW to Engineer the signal at WPHT.

Tuesday August 1st

This week's installment of Jim Templeton's Philly Pfindings report covers the radio outlets coverage of the convention, Smerconish's counter protest and a wrap up of Giordano's City Hall rally.

Today's Inky has a story on Michael Smerconish
A radio voice who speaks for victims

By Kevin L. Carter

If the eyes of the world are indeed on Philadelphia this week, radio talk-show host Michael Smerconish wants them to see his anger.

And that of his listeners.

Listeners who say they are fed up with liberals and their sympathies for the criminals of America. Those sorts of people have forgotten the victims, Smerconish says. "For as long as I have been on the radio, I have believed that perpetrators get too much attention and victims get too little." go to link above for the rest...

Personal thanks go to Austin Dutton who, through his generosity put a smile on a bunch of kids faces yesterday and in particular one boy who hasn't had the best of summers.

Monday July 31st - amended email

This is just a peek inside an interstate truckers cab.  I've heard how they can  remember what station to flip to as they drive along and most of us have heard them call in to the local stations.


On the road with "Tim the Trucker"

Love the web site, grew up with db debella, mmr, etc. now truck driver goin' out der.  I recommend ktrs 550 am St.Louis  especially frank o. pinion pm 3-6 central " i am am in the pm, the only morning show on in the afternoon" heard Lionel on wktr 550 in Cincinnati nights eastern before coast to coast wls am 890, Chicago on the web,  Jay Marvin and Roe and Gary show  97.3 the river better than even ysp and mmr, Barskie not included.  Harrisburg, PA  lots more on the web, they stream but i hear live in town.

Also interesting is extreme radio in Detroit and Chicago, this would work here in Philly, eh?  FM talk radio it's on Howard's affiliates in Detroit 97.1 and Chicago 105.9 all day... DeBella clones?  Also  Millwaukee  Minniapolis / St Paul.   Love "garage logic" in the pm drive slot and  up in Boston,  Howie Carr and Kramer / McCarthy.

Web site helps me on the road from being homesick i use from the truck on  see wot us truckers are up too now? let me know if list is nice for you i listen to them all good stuff. thank you for the site long time reader, first time (ha-ha) e-mailer
gotta get my napster ...

Amended ...
Geez, forgot important stuff, i love Smerconish,  Rollye (stream on the road) and in 20 or so states so far,  Dom's show right on, tune here now instead of sean on abc. miss Sturdybeggars, Mr. Movie - Steve F.   And super Rich Levin.  Hell why not contract "phone booth lil" for convention floor reporting. lol.

I ruby cheeks on pht. Like ysp, mmr, nj 101.5 and pht with a little of 580 harrisburg.  Only Susan and Uncle Irv
on db.  Almost forgot Lynn Samuals on abc.   And nobody not even art bell was better than Bernie Herman

Plus 1210 goes to St. Louis, Chicago, almost to west Wisconsin (Baraboo) Memphis, Bangor, Maine
and upper pen. of Michigan past Paul W's 760.  1200 Dallas wipes it (signal) out up in the Ozarks

Other truckers can contact Tim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Friday July 28th

MORE evidence of a Smerconish conspiracy.

Part Two (first time here? read part one below first)

Through the freedom of information act this website has obtained classified photos PROVING Michael was indeed a close confidant of Ronald Reagan!  Take a look at the shocking picture for yourself.

reagan~1.jpg (51608 bytes)

Not only that we now have uncovered through Karen Abbott's article that neither Bush or Gore will be elected president.  We quote directly from the article ...

Look at his Web site  for one thing, where he posts not only a copyrighted bio of himself (calling himself "Mr. Smerconish" throughout), but the full text of several speeches, including inaugural addresses by Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Pat Buchanan!!!

Now THINK people, how could Michael get a copy of Buchanan's inaugural address if HE himself was not the mastermind behind the plot to elect Buchanan as the next president!!!

Coincidence?? We think NOT.

Thursday July 27th

Michael Smerconish EXPOSED !!!  Part One  (warning humor ahead)

Yes, FINALLY somebody has the balls to expose Mike for the FRAUD he really is !!!


From the Philadephia Weekly...

...of Ronald Reagan's presidency, let alone advise him, as Smerconish did, on the spread of communism in Central America...


The REAL power broker behind the GOP is SMERCONISH!!!

And you thought all along that the GOP convention in Philly was because we were a great city.  HAH!  It's REALLY so the GOP elite can conspire with Mike and get their marching orders from the most influential puppeteer of our time!!!

Michael's own co-workers contacted by this website were unaware of his true role in our country's history.  "I though he was bright but not that smart" said one.

Read for yourself all the "FACTS" right here 

OK let me take my pill.... Whew, that's better.  If you want to read a one sided rip into Smerconish than go to the link above but be warned that many of the supposed factual material was fabricated, made up in other words.  When I was little we called them lies and we were taught that it was a bad thing to do.  Today if it gets in print people take it for the truth.  If this was not a deliberate attempt to fake the facts then it will rank among the most sloppy pieces of journalism this city has seen in years.  Smerconish is surely not free of faults, like the rest of us he has his baggage to carry around.  In the course of advancing his career and show any bright, aggressive, driven personality will rub many the wrong way.   In Michael's case I find him almost clueless in understanding his popularity (he's a lawyer, not a radio person) and incapable of orchestrating an upswell of public emotion such as the article above seems to imply.  This is a case of guy who works very hard then stepping in it and coming up smelling like roses.

Michael even plays this up on his site with a new greeting that mentions Abbott's article.

The disturbing part of the article is how it portrays YOU the listener as a bunch of non thinking racists.  Read it for yourself and repent.. or vent.  Her email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you're like me, the only way the selection of a running mate will affect who you vote for is if the presidential candidate vows to kill himself on Inauguration Day.  A commentary by Jerry Long of the Sturdy Beggars in today's Inky

Tuesday July 25th

My 2.375 cents on...
WWDB beats KYW in a local breaking story and
WPHT has a ratings winner story and a clarification of my view on running spots and who shouldn't get voted OFF the radio island.

WWDB - A municipal worker strike in Philadelphia would impact the upcoming convention for sure but do I care about the convention?  No, don't be silly.  How it affects the local business community is another matter.  Many of my fellow businessman/women were concerned.  Some of them were on such a tight schedule (shipping, manufacturing, refuse removal, etc.) that even 10 minutes notice of a strike is important.  This morning I'm told that as people had BOTH stations on desperate for news they had a clear choice.  On DB while Steve Martorano droned on KYW's finely tuned news machine was up and running bringing live reports on the latest negotiations.  The surprise came when DB's own Tom MacDonald came in on Steve's show with news that a deal was struck about 20-25 minutes before KYW even hinted at it.  Later KYW ran with it as well.  I'm sure Kirk Dorn (DB's news director) properly rewarded Tom for his stick-to-it-tiveness.

WPHT - After getting some interesting comments on ratings like DB's 12+ numbers include Sid Mark (DB's #1 show) but PHT's 12+ don't include Coast to Coast AM (PHT's popular overnight replacement for Art Bell).  The 12+ only go from 6 am to midnight.  But while Coast to Coast get BIG "share" #'s it's total tonnage of bodies tuned in is not that great.  The real winner at PHT is, again let's try to spell it right, Smerconish.  Michael tops even Rush in 25-54 demos. (according to a confirmation from my favorite New York source, sorry no profanity or sexual innuendo from her this time) According to MY research into demographics that has been going on with every poll, mailing list, or voluntarily provided information over the last 3 years, the biggest chunk of Net savvy talk listeners are between 29 and 59.  Not a bad demo at all.  Dom Giordano, for example, has a big 34 to 59 demo.  Much of this info has been available on public pages on this site and yes I have archived it.

Clarification -  Below I stated my opinion that the IN HOUSE promos for PHT are "just not cutting it."  By this I meant that ONLY airing them on PHT does not do the job.  It's not the spots themselves that are the problem but the fact that PHT will NOT get much in the way of NEW listeners by airing the spots to people who already know of the station.  Frankly I find it annoying to hear a spot for another show on the same station although I'm told it does help.  A recent industry survey again shows that the #1 way to help in this case is outside promotion.  Say what you will about them, and the other hosts are saying a lot, Dom and Michael are the only ones available to come even close to pulling any outside attention.  Rollye James will help her time slot but her draw from the late night reservoir of people doesn't do much for the day parts.  If PHT was the TV show survivor then there are a bunch of "tribespeople" that are pulling their weight week after week behind the scenes.  PHT is hampered by many things.  Motivation or skill is not among them.

Of course, I could be wrong.

From a listener,
I heard Irv state (at 2:11 PM Monday, on 'DB) that an area Rabbinical Council had excommunicated him. he then proceeded to produce a short list of reasons.

Monday July 24th

Getting home late Sunday night I caught both FOX and WB's extensive coverage of Al Sharpton coming to town for a protest... Oh yeah they had a minute or so on the Rally at City Hall too.  In case you missed it, like me, this was sent to me by a listener.

Headlines on the Rally to support the police.  Each story also contains news of a rally protesting the arrest of Tom Jones.

Cop rallies: Pro and con
Supporters and critics raise voices
by Regina Medina, and Catherine Lucey, Daily News Staff Writers
Daily News Staff Writers 

Excerpt: The scene was much different earlier in the day when hundreds of people, mostly police officers and their families, gathered at City Hall. The rally was to support cops in the aftermath of the arrest of Jones, a carjacking suspect.

Other speakers at the event included Councilwoman Joan Krajewski and the Rev. Charles Dear, pastor of Crescentville Baptist in Northeast Philadelphia.

"I am delighted and proud to be standing right here," said Krajewski. "I have always believed in the thin blue line."

"I just feel that we ask these officers to protect us and then question the way in which they do it," said Maureen Boyle-Culp, 28, of Northeast Philadelphia.

Boyle-Culp lost her brother, Police Officer Danny Boyle, in 1991. Boyle was shot in the head when he tried to stop a man in a stolen car.

Former Washington, D.C., cop Robert Smallwood, 38, said, "They [police officers] don't sweep the streets. They put their lives on the line every day."

At City Hall, activists, officers, bikers and others gathered to counter criticism of the force. By Angela Couloumbis

Excerpt: Yesterday's rally, organized by Dom Giordano, a radio talk-show host on WPHT-AM (1210), was scheduled to start at 2 p.m. But about an hour before that, a motorcade of bikes, some adorned with American flags, others with pictures of slain Officer Daniel Faulkner, began snaking down Broad Street toward City Hall.

The rally, which was attended both by off-duty and on-duty officers and their families - including at least one of the officers involved in Jones' arrest - was peaceful. Supporters carried signs reading "Men in Blue, We're there for you" and "I support Philadelphia Police," and alternately broke out in chants and cheers throughout the day.

From Sunday's Inquirer- Dual rallies to state case against and for city's police By David O'Reilly

Excerpt: A separate, midday rally at City Hall in support of Philadelphia police, meanwhile, is also being organized for today.

Philadelphia radio talk-show host Dom Giordano was calling for a 2 p.m. rally at the northwest corner of City Hall, where, he said, anyone "can just come out and salute our police officers for the good job they do."

"We don't expect everyone who comes out will condone everything the cops did" in the Jones case, said Giordano, whose show can be heard on WPHT-AM (1210) and who has said he does not think that racism or racial profiling was behind the police assault on Jones. "[But] the national criticism of the police and Philadelphia over this is way out of proportion."

Friday July 21st

Sunday the Chester County Lawman will play at the Rally for Philly Cops at City Hall at 2pm.  The Bikers attending the Rally will meet at FOP headquarters at 1pm.  Thanks to Austin Dutton, one of the PHT money guys and co-organizer of the Faulkner Rally for booking the Lawman to play.  If PHT would clone Austin maybe more people would hear about the station via efforts like these.  The in house promos just don't cut it.  Not my opinion, just something I've picked up from the execs that know about this stuff.

We posted the latest newsletter from Citizens for Common Sense, the group opposed to the emissions test here in PA.

Tuesday July 18th

Yesterday Michael Smerconish filed the first lawsuit in the Tom Jones case on behalf of the victims of his original carjacking.

Dom Giordano is planning a rally this Sunday at 2 PM on the West side of City Hall to support the police.

Monday July 17th

Nearly a year old now.  The Dr. Laura "Kill The Baby" rap.
Real Audio clip, time - 00:01:04.
Originally aired August 1999.  Dr. Laura promptly told Premiere to use some muscle to have this quashed.

Note to Dr. Laura fans.  This site has devoted just as much time in favor of her as it has poking fun at her.  We cover BOTH sides... with equal lameness.

Jim Templeton covers the details of the Miss WIP contest (women, more women and lots of skin) and the May 17th email threatening Iverson that was sent to Rhea Hughes.  We sum up and link to any talk radio related items that Jim covers in his weekly column.

Monday July 10th

"If there is a God in Heaven he'll stop William Shatner from singing in those Priceline commercials!" - Steve Martorano WWDB talker, on the air.  Weelllll, that lead to a request to dig up a dusty tape of former WIOQ morning jock Harvey playing Shatner's version of Mr. Tamborine Man.  You can hear (if the Net is not too congested) Harvey, sidekick Julie, and Chris McCoy yuck it up on this Real Audio clip.  (5:34) Julie reads the liner notes at the end, giving you an idea of how serious "Captain Kirk" really was.

In Jim's Philly report from Radio Digest he covers the format flip rumor a bit and Jammin Gold's fake flip announcement last July 4th.  Also covered this week is WHAT 1340 AM and, in more depth, the award Phil Valentine recently received posted down below.
Well it's after July 4th and WWDB is still playing the same format.

Friday July 7th

Don Imus slated to return to his show on Monday July 10th at his ranch for kids with cancer in New Mexico.

Tuesday July 4th - Happy Independence Day!

A tall wish for statues to rise up
By Jerry Long - of the Sturdy Beggars

Every Fourth Of July, I have the same wish.

I wish that the statues of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson out on The Mall in Washington may slowly creak to life.

I wish they'd walk down from their memorials . . . and go on a rampage of retribution and vengeance!

Read the full column in today's Inky...

© Copyright 2000 The Jerry Long - The Philadelphia Inquirer
(posted with permission)

Radio Host Don Imus Out of Hospital
The Associated Press
Monday, July 3, 2000; 6:10 p.m. EDT

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. –– Radio host Don Imus has been released from a hospital where he had been recuperating from injuries suffered when he was thrown from a horse.

Imus had five broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken collarbone and a shoulder separation when he was thrown June 18 at his ranch in Ribera, near Santa Fe. Imus has said he is working to establish the 3,000-acre ranch as a haven for sick children.

Imus, 59, was treated at Heart Hospital of New Mexico, which discharged him Wednesday, Martha England, the hospital's director of marketing and public relations, said Monday.

Imus' talk show on WFAN in New York boasts about 10 million listeners nationwide on more than 90 stations. His program also appears on the MSNBC cable network.  (story on the web)

© Copyright 2000 The Associated Press

Monday July 3rd

Arlene Morgan from the Inky has a column on WIP's reaction to their recent print story.  Sports talk radio: It's a great place to vent, but don't confuse it with journalism -

Yo, talk show fans. Don't believe for a second that sports talk radio has anything to do with journalism.

Angelo Cataldi, Al Morganti, Anthony Gargano and Mike Missanelli gave up their journalism credentials as soon as they sat down behind the mike.

They shout and scream. They generate buzz. They get you to call them and, in some instances, to call the newspaper to vent. And it's all an act, a shtick to create a sellable on-air personality.

Don't believe for a minute that what they sell is credible journalism or that they adhere to the same standards that govern reporters. These guys trade in opinion, commentary, personality and the truth - but only as they see it.

Jim Templeton's Philly report in Radio Digest covers the WIP vs. Flyers story so if you can't bring up the audio links below you can read a summary of it there.  Full story.  He also covers this about Sid Mark in the same report... Excerpt...

Meanwhile, a Templeton RAT reports that

At any rate, if Mark does give up his Friday night show, RATs say WWDB would probably drop his "Sunday With Sinatra" (9 a.m. until 3 p.m.) program as well.(from radio

DB drop its' highest rated show that actually makes money?  Don't think so!  Unless those stories of some weekend brokered shows wanting to move to DB are true.