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NewsTalk 1180 AM debuts Monday February 6th.

At 1,000 watts 1180 is hardly a blowtorch but will allow at least 3 national talk shows to be able to boast show clearance in Philadelphia.  Laura Ingraham, who used to have the 9am slot on 990-AM now occupied by Mike Gallagher, will be live at 9am until 11..  At noon will be a very tape delayed Michael Savage who is now running tape delayed on 990 at 3am.  From 4 to 6pm will be Jerry Doyle who also used to be on 990 until a couple years ago.

Personally I'm looking forward to hearing Jerry Doyle again.  He's kinda a right winger with enough mental OCD issues to make him entertaining.  His fans will remember his obsessions like having to have all the screws on lightswitch covers point up and down (so they don't collect dust) and the horror of sticky residue leftover from price stickers on drinking glasses.  He's also notable for the phrase, "Congress is Hollywood for ugly people."

Coverage map for 1180 -

1180 website - (expect the landing page to change)

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