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Radio Legend Harry Gross Dies

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Harry Gross, famous for his long-running financial advice show on WWDB, has passed away. His show ran from 1978 to 1998 dispensing practical advice and interesting commentary. He had a wonderful way of connecting with listeners. I learned as a young man how to properly title our house and pay it off early without committing to a 15-year mortgage. When money markets went insane I locked in money long term at 12% based on the information gleaned from Harry. He didn't push specific financial products but educated listeners so they could make their own decisions. Some of his calls were shocking. One that stuck in my mind was an elderly lady who signed over her home to her daughter who then kicked her out of her own home! He managed to help that lady and detailed the proper steps for other people on how to protect assets. His show was before a time of government regulations ruling tedious hour long brokered financial shows that never seem to get to any useful and educational material.

Update: Read this great story on Harry Gross at The Daily News


Legendary Daily News personal-finance columnist and radio talk-show host Harry S. Gross, 92, died of heart failure Sunday at his home in Rydal.

Harry Gross, Daily News personal-finance columnist, radio host

Mr. Gross was a trailblazer in local media, providing financial advice to consumers. In 1978, he started a call-in radio program that ran for more than 20 years on Philadelphia radio stations WCAU and WWDB. He wrote his personal-finance column for the Daily News from 1981 until his retirement late last year.

Among his mantras were "Live beneath your means," and "If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true."

A native of Philadelphia, Mr. Gross was born on Oct. 25, 1923, and grew up in the city's Strawberry Mansion section.


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