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As reported on The Radio Racket show this past July 15 Harry Hurley returns to the air this coming July 31st on "LifeRadio 1020 WIBG" at 6am to 9:30.

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WIBG is a religious orientated daytime station.  In the winter months his show will start later at sunrise.

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Hurley profile press release

More people listen to Harry Hurley in South Jersey than ANY other morning talk show host.  Now.. LifeRadio1020WIBG is the new home for this radio giant.  Harry commands the respect and legacy from tens of thousands of listeners.  From mayors to vice presidents, from major news makers in the region to human interest, you get a chance to talk with Harry about it weekdays from 6 to 9:30am

Harry Hurley begins at WIBG1020 Monday, July 31st. Tell a friend!