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Talk Radio

Streaming Philly area Talk Radio Shows and Stations

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(Last Updated September, 2008)

Local interest shows and stations first

Note: This list is a couple years old and is being updated winter 2007 a bit at a time.

Bill Bennet
Glenn Beck - Updated July 22, 2006
Neal Boortz
Alan Colmes
Larry Elder
Mike Gallagher
Sean Hannity
Phil Hendrie
Laura Ingraham
Rollye James - Updated July 18, 2006
Jeff Katz - Added August 8, 2006
G. Gordon Liddy - Updated 9/2008
Rush Limbaugh - Updated 9/2008
Bill O'Reilly
Randi Rhodes
Michael Reagan
Michael Savage
Dr. Laura Schlessinger


Bill Bennet -

KRLA 870 AM - Los Angeles

Glenn Beck - - Affiliates List
XM 165 (Paid streaming service via website / select stations stream for free)

WPHT 1210-AM in Philadelphia, PA / 9 to noon - Listen
WKRC 550-AM (Cincinnati, OH) 9am to noon
WTVN 610-AM (Columbus, OH) 9am to noon
1100-AM (Cleveland, OH) 9am to noon
WJNO 1230-AM (West Palm Beach,.FL) 9am to noon
WIOD 610-AM (Miami,.FL) 9am to noon
WFLA 970-AM (Tampa,.FL) 9am to noon
WGST 640-AM (Atlanta. GA) 9am to noon
KSSZ 93.9-FM (Columbia, MO) 9am to noon
KPRC 950-AM (Houston, TX) 10am to noon
KTOK 1000-AM (Oklahoma City,.OK) 10am to noon
KXAM 1310-AM (Phoenix, AZ) noon to 3pm
KFTK 97.1-RM (St. Louis) 2pm to 3pm
WTNT 570-AM (Washington, D.C.) 3pm to 6pm
KNEW 910-AM (San Francisco, CA) 3pm to 6pm

Neal Boortz
WWSB 750-AM - Atlanta, GA - 8:30 to 10am
WWSB 750-AM - Atlanta, GA - 10am to 1pm
WWSB 750-AM - Atlanta, GA - 7pm to 9pm
WDNG 1450-AM - Anniston - noon to 3pm
KSSZ 93.9-FM - Columbia, MO - 2pm to 3pm

Alan Colmes
KRCM 1380-AM (Beaumont, TX) 10pm to 1am
KSEV 700-AM (Houston, TX) 10pm to 1am
KFNN 1510-AM (Phoenix, AZ) 11pm to 1am
KKXL 750-AM (Portland, OR) 4am to 6am

Larry Elder
KABC 790-AM (Los Angeles, CA) 6pm to 9pm
KXAM 1310-AM (Phoenix, AZ) 8pm to 10pm
KPRC 950-AM (Houston, TX) 2am to 4am

Mike Gallagher
KRLA 870-AM (Los Angeles, CA) 3am to 6am
KRCM 1380-AM (Beaumont, TX) 10pm to 1am
WBAP 820-AM (Dallas, TX) 10pm to 1am
KTKZ 1380-AM (Sacramento, CA) midnight to 3am

Sean Hannity
Various times throught the day on
Streaming Page -
WDEL 1150-AM (Wilmington, DE) 3pm to 6pm
WABC 770-AM (New York) 3pm to 6pm
WKRC 550-AM (Cincinnati) 3pm to 6pm
KSSZ 93.9-FM (Columbia, MO) 3pm to 6pm
KABC 790-AM (Los Angeles) 3pm to 6pm
WWSB 750-AM (Atlanta) 4pm to 7pm
WBAP 820-AM (Dallas) 4pm to 7pm
KFYI 550-AM (Phoenix) 4pm to 7pm
KSFO 560-AM (San Francisco) 6pm to 9pm
KTOK 1000-AM (Oklahoma City) 7pm to 10pm
WWLS 890-AM (Chicago) 8pm to 11pm
KPRC 950-AM (Houston) 10pm to 1am
WWSB 750-AM (Atlanta) midnight to 3am

Phil Hendrie
WFLA 970-AM (Tampa, FL) 6pm to 10pm
WIOD 610-AM (Miami, FL) 7pm to 10pm
KHOW 630-AM (Denver, CO) 9pm to midnight
KSSZ 93.9-FM (Columbia, MO) 10am to 1pm
KNEW 910-AM (San Francisco,CA) 10am to 1pm
WTNT 570-AM (Washington, D.C.) 1am to 5am

Imus in the Morning

Laura Ingraham -

Rollye James - - Stream Page (last updated July 06)
Monday through Friday
10P-1A Eastern Time
9P-Mid. Central Time
8-11P Mountain Time
7-10P Pacific Time - WIS 1320
XM - 165

Jeff Katz -
Jeff streams off of -

G. Gordon Liddy - (updated 9/08)
Live 10 - 1pm eastern
Washington, DC

XM 166
America Right
Monday - Friday
10:00 am - 12:00 noo

6:00 amĀ 


Rush Limbaugh - (updated 9/2008)

Station List

Listen Live noon to 3pm here


Bill O'Reilly
KSSZ 93.9-FM (Columbia, MO) Noon to 2pm
KOLE 1340-AM (Beaumont, TX) Noon to 2pm
KRCM 1380-AM (Beaumont, TX) Noon to 2pm
KNEW 910-AM (San Francisco, CA) Noon to 2pm
KKXL 750-AM (Portland, OR) Noon to 2pm
WPTT 1360-AM (Pittsburgh, PA) 1pm to 3pm
KFNN 1510-AM (Phoenix, AZ) 2pm to 4pm
KTKZ 1380-AM (Sacramento, CA) 2pm to 4pm
KSEV 700-AM (Houston, TX) 3pm to 5pm
KOLE 1340-AM (Beaumont, TX) 1am to 3am

Randi Rhodes
WJNO 1290-AM (West Palm Beach) 3pm to 7pm 3pm to 7pm
KPOJ 620-AM (Portland) 6pm to 10pm 2am to 6am

Michael Reagan
WPTT 1360-AM (Pittsburgh, PA) 6pm to 10pm

Michael Savage
KNEW 910-AM (San Francisco, CA) 6pm to 7pm local show
WTNT 570-AM (Washington, D.C.) 6pm to 10pm
WDNG 1450-AM (Anniston, AL) 7pm to 9pm
KRCM 1380-AM (Beaumont, TX) 7pm to 9pm
KNEW 910-AM (San Francisco, CA) 7pm to 10pm
WKRC 550-AM (Cincinnati, OH) 7pm to 10pm
KPRC 950-AM (Houston, TX) 7pm to 10pm
KSSZ 93.9-FM (Columbia, MO) 8pm to 10pm
KRLA 870-AM (Los Angeles, CA) 8pm to 11pm
KTOK 1000-AM (Oklahoma City, OK) 10pm to 1am

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

WNPV 1440-AM - 3-5pm eastern stream link
KHOW 630-AM (Denver, CO) 11am to 2pm

KLBJ 590-AM (Austin, TX) 2pm to 5pm
KKFI 640-AM (Los Angeles, CA) 3pm to 6pm
KOGO 600-AM (San Diego, CA) 3pm to 6pm
KSFO 560-AM (San Francisco, CA) 3pm to 6pm
CFUN 1410-AM (Vancouver, BC) 3pm to 6pm
KSTE 650-AM (Sacramento, CA) 3pm to 7pm
KKEX 1190-AM (Portland, OR) 4pm to 7pm
KLIF 570-AM (Dallas, TX) 7pm to 9pm
KHNZ 1250-AM (Tampa, FL) 7pm to 10pm
KSTE 650-AM (Sacramento, CA) 10pm to midnight