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The Philadelphia Talk Radio People Page

Local Talk Radio / Radio People

Philly's first page devoted solely to keeping you in touch with those currently on the air plus information on familiar names from the past. This page is were we index as many local talk radio people as possible and list any related on-site and off-site content such as photos, audio clips and more. (Links have to be restored, moving files summer 2006)

Special thanks to all those that contribute updates and new information. This page depends upon you. Feel free to submit information for those that are, or were, on the air and those behind the scenes using the contact us page.
Please note: This page is primarily for local talk radio people. If you know of an index that extends to other radio people please let us know so we can link to it.


Mellany Armstrong
Former morning news reporter at WWDB. Previously on KYW. Morning news at WDEL until July 20, 2001. (then) Morning anchor at WBAL, Baltimore. (04)


Paul Barsky
Y100 and 95.7 then WMMR 93.3-FM then WYSP 94.1-FM (5/06)

Earle Bailey
Former WWDB morning news host while that station was doing newstalk. (replaced Gil Gross who moved to 9-12) Previously DJ on WMMR. Earle Bailey is now working for XMRadio in Washington (04)

Betty Berniman (sp?)
Was on wwdb in the early 80's as a news anchor/director. Liked to chat it up with Irv Homer in the afternoons.

Bill Bircher
Host of "The Trading Post" show on WCAU 1210 in the late 60s
Update - 12/03 by Judge Gerry Kosinski -- He also did a morning stint at WCAU & was best known for his "Tell-a-Phoney" contest where he would give you $ 12.10 if you answered the phone "Hello". These were the days when some stations would give away $ if you answered your phone with "the phrase that pays." Also did some radio at WTMR.

Tom Bigby
Program Director of WIP 610-AM, previously pulled double duty at PD of WPHT. Left after illness then took a job in Texas with a CBS station near his family. Went to Infinity sister station KRLD 1080-AM in Dallas in 2004.

Grace Blazer
Started at WPHT 1210-AM in 1996. Promoted to program director February of 2001.

Dick Bolger
Formerly on WFPG - 1450-AM in Atlantic City until station change in 2000.

Kevin Boyle
Reporter/anchor at WWDB in the 90's, he worked the Sunday night anchor shift, after stints in Kentucky and Iowa. Famous for not wearing socks on the job. Had a liver transplant after leaving the station to work for the Philadelphia Gas Works. Died suddenly May 4th 2002 at his home in Northeast Philadelphia.

Larry Bowa
Hosted sports show on WWDB on weekends during baseball off-season in the late 1970s. Became Phillies manager.

Susan Bray
Formerly of WWDB. Originally from Australia she moved back there after WWDB stopped talk programming.

Reggie Bryant
WHAT 1340-AM. Hosted a weekly 2 hour talk show on WRTI in the early 90's.

Steve Bryant
WCOJ West Chester. Former QVC host. site contributor

John Brown
Website (offline) | Parody (archived on the old site) -- Metro Traffic
John is remembered as the very popular traffic guy while Phil Valentine was on the air in 96-97.


Bill Campbell
WIP 610-AM and KYW 1060-AM Sports, "The Dean"

Mary Cantell
Metro Traffic, weekends. Thumbnail picture

Coz Carson
WIP 610-AM -- mid 1990's

Rod Carson
Metro Networks - KYW traffic. Previously long time WWDB news reporter.

Craig Carton
WIP mid 1990's, (returned part time for 1999 only). Went to NJ101.5 in early summer 2002 as part of Carton and Rossi, shown here at right.

Brian Carey
Anchored morning drive news on WWDB from 1992 to 1994.  And before that worked freelance on WPEN.
Morning drive anchor on 1010 WINS in New York City since 2005, previously anchoring afternoon drive on that station..winning AP and AIR Awards for Best Newscast and Best Anchor. Brian can also be heard anchoring ABC News on The ABC Entertainment, General and FM Networks where he have worked since 2001.

Tobi Schwartz-Cassell
Newsperson at WWDB-FM from 1980-1997, and did a brief stint at WPEN-AM in the early 80s.

Bob Cesca
WIOV 1240-AM Reading, PA

Mickey Charles
Hosted gambling/sports talk show on WCAU in late 1970s

Ken Chiampou
Part of the John (John Kobylt) and Ken team NJ101.5 afternoons 1990-92. Since 1992, popular Los Angeles talk hosts at KFI (1992-99, 2001-present) and KABC 1999-2000. (Added/Updated - 11/2003 by P.M.S.)

Joe Chiodo
News reports. Formerly on WWDB, early am shift and weekends (1998)

Marty Moss-Coane
91-FM WHYY - Public / Non-commercial radio.

David Coleman

Ralph Collier
Hosted culture/interview program "Collier At Large" on the late WFLN-FM (95.7)

CompuDudes ®
Personal Computing show that ran in Philly on WHYY until they ended it in October 2001. Peter Cook and Scott Manning. Also aired once a week the Kids Corner show, WXPN. (Thumbnail pics, Peter - Scott)

Chuck Cooperstein
WIP 610-AM early 1990's. Chuck is now on 103.3 ESPN radio in Dallas / Ft. Worth. (ABC-Disney) (7-01)

Dr. Jim Corea
Archive page -- Health and Fitness. Formerly of WWDB. Passed away the same day his show was to start on WPEN of a heart attack.

Bill Corsair
Popular overnight host on WCAU 1210 AM. Moved out of the area to New York. Hosted a talk show there then dabbled in theater and played small parts in a number of movies and a few TV shows. Resides (as of 2002) in New York City with his wife.

Pat Croce
One time host on WIP.

Austin Culmer
Picture -- Formerly of WWDB, weekend overnight shift.


Tyrone T. Dancy
Host & Producer of the Veterans hour Radio program, aired the first Saturday of each month on WDAS-am 1480 From 6-7pm. Various issues and concerns are discussed regarding veterans, their dependents and survivors.

Brooke Daniels
NJ101.5 middays and afternoons, 1990-93. Went on to syndication with Roberta Gale (Westwood One, 1993-94), then to KSDO San Diego, WIOD Miami, WINZ Miami. Now in real estate in South Florida. (Added/Updated 11/2003 by P.M.S)

Mark Daniels
(submitted 10/01) WFIL - Station's local talk/news/commentary show for over 5 years. 4-5pm Sunday through Friday. Mark Daniels is a 20+ year vet of Philly, South Jersey, and central PA radio.

Chuck Darrow
South Jersey Courier Post columnist. Heard most recently on WIP 610-AM. Has filled in on WPHT and WWDB.

John DeBella - - Archived Audio Clips (Sweepers 1998)
Previously on WPHT 1210-AM, afternoons. (October 98 to July 99) He would do a shift on YSP and drive cross town to PHT trying his hand out in talk radio. Morning Zoo host on WMMR in the 80's. Music jock on WYSP until programming shakeup in summer 2001. Four 'PHT "intro" bumpers are in the Audio Vault. Parody page from 12/1/98 Update 5/31/02 (Not reposted yet sorry) - John joins WMGK 102.9-FM classic rock as the morning man, 5:30 to 9 am.

Clark Deleon
Former Inky columnist (page 2 section b) - As of winter 2000, daily columnist for the Metro. AOL Digital City columnist. Filled in on WWDB and WPHT. Author. Clark on Digital City AOL or AOL keyword = Clark

Jeff Deminski
Partnered with Bill Doyle on NJ101.5 afternoons, 1993-1999. Moved to WKRK (Live! 97.1) Detroit, where they've done afternoons since moving from New Jersey; achieved infamy when a bit they did on WKRK merited a large indecency fine. (Added/Updated 11/2003 by P.M.S.)

John DiPrimio
Co-founder of Citizens for Common Sense. E-Mail is css1 @ WNWR 1540-AM on Mondays from 1-2pm. Previously at WNPV, 1440 AM Lansdale, PA. (7/06)

Cathy Donnelly
Formerly on NJ101.5. Update Spring 2002, heard on WIP.

Kirk Dorn
Kirk worked at KYW until he moved to WWDB to head up its morning news programming until Nov. 2000. (At the time WWDB 96.5FM was all talk radio with an AM drive news show) Worked in Washington as an Associated Press correspondent/editor/supervisor/anchor. (updated July 2001) As of 2010 Kirk has been the public relations point person - spokesperson - for the Philadelphia Houing Authority for several years. (Updated January 2010)

Bill Doyle
Partnered with Jeff Deminski on NJ101.5 afternoons, 1993-1999. Moved to WKRK (Live! 97.1) Detroit, where they've done afternoons since moving from New Jersey; achieved infamy when a bit they did on WKRK merited a large indecency fine. (Added/Updated 11/2003 by P.M.S)

Austin Dutton - Started on WBUX then WPHT and WPEN. Known to people on this website as instrumental in helping with the Faulkner Block Party in June 2000.


Jack Ellery - website | e-mail
Ex PD at WWDB, ex WIP and WWDB air personality is working on a freelance basis with Metro News in NY. Metro's PD, Gordon Deal, was Ellery's newsman at WCTC in New Jersey. Ellery has mostly retired from radio. "Not entirely by choice", says the former talker. "Radio requires constant relocation and I won't do that anymore." Ellery, now living in Huntingdon Valley, worked for WOR in NY, WFLA, in Tampa and a host of other stations across America. He also was a host on two cable TV shows.

Howard Eskin
WIP 610-AM -- Previously, TV Sportscaster, WMMR. Started in talk radio on WWDB in the late 70's or early 80's.


Pat Farnack
Former morning news co-host on WWDB (with Gil Gross and then Earl Bailey) when that station was doing Newstalk. Previously long term on KYW Newsradio. Started off doing the 5 minute news read on CH 48 (WKBS) before it went off the air in the late 80's. As of summer 2001 she is afternoon drive news anchor on WCBS. Syndicates, "Do I Look OK?"

Frank X. Feller
WWDB.1980s? Picture coming soon.

Steve Friedman
AKA "Mr Movie" - reviews movies Saturday nights from 10 pm to 1 am - Thumbnail picture - Large photo from his days at WCAU-TV 10 - has an inactive registered domain at

Frank Ford
Born in 1917 Frank Ford has a long history in radio broadcasting in Philly. Inquirer article on Frank. more soon

Priscilla Fox
Express/Shadow Broadcast Services. Currently weekend traffic reporter on KYW 1060 AM plus Eagles traffic on WYSP FM. Shore reports on WOGL FM, WPHT AM, et al. Previously on WMMR's Morning Zoo with DeBella; Kiss 100 with Mike and Sue; overnight news on the former WFLN FM and more.

Ralph Fox
Co-founder of Phila Cares charity. Formerly on WWDB, News. Currently on Channel 57. Ralph is also doing "Traffic on the Two's" from 5-7 am and at 25 past and 55 before the hour for KYW-TV. (last updated 9-01) Picture

Donna Francavilla - Audio clip, civil rights news report | Picture
News, producer at WWDB 1981 then went to KYW in 1982 as desk assistant & production assitant. Still heard occasionally on KYW ... As a freelance reporter for CBS Radio News she is sometimes called on for live two-way discussions with the on-air talent. Reports contributed to CBS are also sometimes aried by KYW, a CBS affiliate. Tried out talk radio hosting in Alabama with a show called “Frankly Speaking--What women talk about when men aren’t around.” Lives in Alabama. (7/06)

Judi Franco
WKXW NJ101.5-FM -- Long time co-host with Dennis Malloy, middays. (Update by Michele M - September 2002) - Judi had a pretty illustrious career before 101.5. She came from New York city doing middays WDBZ 105.1 the Buzz and before that did swing at 95.5 WPLJ New York under the legendary Scott Shannon..just thought you'd like to know...Michele

Steve Fredericks
WIP 610-AM


Roberta Gale
Formerly of WKXW NJ101.5-FM then left to syndicate.
Updated 11/2003 by P.M.S) Now operating a consultancy for talk radio guests, based in Tucson.

Daryl Gale
Daryl Gale, WURD 900 AM talk radio host with Rotan Lee on Friday mornings from 7:00-10:00. Daryl has been hosting since May, 2002 and is a senior writer for City Newspaper. He served the US Armed Forces as a photojournalist for the Coast Guard in the late seventies and early eighties. Daryl has one daughter and has lived in Philadelphia most of his life.

Anthony Gargano
WIP - hosts middays with Glen Macnow since early 2000. (5/02)

Jim Gearhardt
WKXW NJ101.5-FM -- Host of the morning news and comment show.

Anita Gevinson
Formerly WYSP DJ in pre-Howard Stern days hosted "Ask Anita" talk segment in early or mid-80s; then moved onto full-time talk gig at WCAU-AM. Had a thing about Warren Zevon
KLOS, 1980-81; KMPC/KEDG, 1988-90;
KSCA, 1993-96; KMPC, 1993-96; KLSX/KRLA, 1997-2001.
Anita broadcasts traffic for Shadow Traffic. (L.A.)

Larry "Smokey" Gifford | Picture
Former morning sports reporter at WWDB. Came in from Dayton. Left WWDB in spring 2000. Soon after he moved to L.A. with his wife. Update 2003 - after a stint as anchor with Fox Sports Radio Network, now PD at WBNS (Sports Radio 1460) Columbus, OH. (Updated 2003)

Joel Gibbs
Entertainment show ("Everything Entertainment") and talk host. Formerly on WPHT 1210 AM and WWDB 96.5 Visit his website for ordering info for voice impressions answering machine tapes. Commercial voice over business.

Dom Giordano - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Overnight host on WWDB 96.5, moved to mornings 7/98. Moved to WPHT 1210-AM.

Johnny Goodtimes
The Johnny Goodtimes Show on WURD AM 900 every Saturday at 11:00 a.m.. Included on the A-list in the September 11th edition of the Philadelphia Weekly or log onto

"Big Daddy" Graham -
WIP 610-AM - Overnights.

Bob Grant
WOR 710-AM New York - Started in talk radio in the mid 70s. Worked at WWDB-FM 96.5.

Harry Gross
Long time financial show, also had a column in the Daily News. Frank Rizzo and Harry Gross at DB

Gil Gross
Archive Page | Interview with Gil Gross WWDB 96.5-FM -- 1999-2000, brought in to anchor news then moved to the 9-noon slot for talk until DB ceased on 11/06/00 - updated 10/01 - Left the Philly area for mornings in LA for Clear Channel, KLAC

Terry Gross
WHYY 91-FM (90.9)

Rich Gunning -
2004-present: Traffic reporter with Metro Networks, on KYW News Radio 1060.  Weeknights 6p-1a since January 2010.
1994-2010: Asst. Program Director/Production Manager at 1440 WNPV, Lansdale-Philadelphia


Ted Hechtman
Financial host for a number of years on WDVT. Financial update guy on KYW for a few years. Now resides in New York. Frank Ford started the station in the 80s. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Don Henderson
Voice of Temple Owl basketball on WRTI-also hosted sports talk show on WCAU in late 1970s well into 1990s (I think)

Bernie Herman
Picture -- Formerly of WWDB (joined 1980) WCAU and Channel 48, now retired living in Iowa playing with his grandkids.

Irv Homer
Started at WXUR in the early 70s then WEEZ, WWDB 96.5-FM(1975-2000) then went to WPHT 1210-AM & WBCB 1490-AM / Audio (2 clips) on the Audio Vault Page, several rare pictures coming soon.

Harry Hurley | picture
Formerly on WFPG - 1450-AM in Atlantic City. Moved to WIBG 1020-AM on Julyk 31st, 2006.


Alan Jay
WWDB in the 1970s

Ken James
Overnights on WWDB during the mid to late 80s - brother of Wynn Moore - favorite line to unresponsive callers...."Earth calling Mars!" (11/02)
Updated 1/1/2014: Via his Niece Dianne Morris,
Sad to announce that Ken James Moore past away in his sleep on Dec. 26, 2013. He will be sadly missed.

Rollye James
Currently syndicated with WPHT 1210-AM as her home base. Previously evening host on WWDB 96.5-FM and before that in many other markets including Texas & California. Moved to WPHT 1210-AM. Website has syndication information and a few pictures. Also airs on XM. More pictures of Rollye are on the Rollye James Archive Page

Jay and Hilarie - Archived Audio of Jay on WNBC with pictures
Jay Sorenson and Hilarie Barsky. NJ 101.5, WPHT 1210 AM (10am to 1pm), WWDB 96.5, Now on in Dallas Ft. Worth. While on WPHT the team was split (Jay was released) and Hilarie continued the show for several months until she went to Metro. The rejoined on WWDB in the afternoon until WWDB flipped formats. Jay Sorenson has a long history in radio including WABC in New York and program director at WKXW. In 2003 Hilarie was working at CFUN in Vancouver, Canada. photo

Rick Jensen
Program Director WDEL, doubles as on air host.

The Jelinecks (Frank and Mary)
Formerly of WWDB, WPEN 950-AM -- Food and Dining.

Joan Jones
Voice over / Commerials / WPHT news -- most recently heard doing fill in work December 2008 for the Wall Street Journal radio hour.


Jeff Katz -
WPHT, Brought in to fill in afternoons after the Sept. 11 attack, hired 10/01. Jeff also worked in syndication for Liberty Broadcasting with a local outlet in WCPJ before moving to California to take a job at KNEW-910AM. Moved over to WBT in Charlotte, NC, August 7, 2006 (7/06)

Yvonne Kaye Phd.
picture -- WWDB

Sheryl Ann Kennedy
Metro News. Previously did the morning news on DB with Phil Valentine.

Wally Kennedy
Anchor/Radio-TV personality in Philly. Currently (2006-2007) anchors news on KYW 1060-AM. Most know for hosting the longest running and highly rated TV talk show “AM Philadelphia” (1984-1997). Other jobs in Philly; Anchor, Co-Producer – Inside Story 2002-2004 - Anchor, Co-Producer – Sunday Live 1999-2004 - Host, Co-Producer – Philly After Midnight 1997-2001. Before that he hosted at WSB in Atlanta from 1976 to 1978 – WRNG in Atlanta from 1978 to 1981 – On WCAU he hosted The Wally Kennedy Show from 1981 to 1984. Email – wallykennedy at aol dot com (added 1/07)

Amy Kaplan
KYW 1060-AM News -- Worked at WPHT with Steve Martorano in the afternoons. (1pm to 5pm)

Elaine Keno
News anchor/reporter at KYW NewsRadio from 1987-1990,(Elaine Ettorre), left for a stint as news dirctor in Miami (WINZ all-news) for 5 years, and returned to KYW 1060 as afternoon news anchor in 1995, using her married name: Elaine Keno. Won Associated Press Award for Best Newscast in PA in 2004, successfully sued CBS, retired now and living in Vegas and Florida. (Spends some of her free time now using her voice fighting for animal rights).

Kid's Corner - Kathy O'Connell
WXPN - 88.5 FM - Kids programming.

Les Kinsolving
WCBM 680-AM, Baltimore. Previously at WWDB.

Paul Kirchner
Hosts money talk show on WWDB 860-AM in Philadelphia since 200. Website is

Valerie Knight
Co-anchored the Morning Report on 1450 WILM in Wilmington with Allan Loudell.(2001) Also works for Metro Networks doing news and traffic (KYW traffic / WPHT news) Previously news dept. at WWDB, mornings. Worked with Phil Valentine and Ron Dobson. Worked with Dom Giordano as a team doing the morning show while the station prepped for it morning news show. You might remember her as co-host at Q102 and on various other stations in Philly. (updated summer 2001) Update Spring 2002. Morning News on WOGL(Oldies) on the Don Cannon show. Picture

John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou
Part of the John and Ken team (Ken Chiampou) NJ101.5 afternoons 1990-92. Since 1992, popular Los Angeles talk hosts at KFI (1992-99, 2001-present) and KABC 1999-2000. (Added/Updated - 11/2003 by P.M.S.)

Gerry Kosinski
Did fill in work at WWDB wile Matt Zucker was the P.D. at WWDB from 94 to 96, just before the Schwartzs' sold the station to Charlie Banta & Mercury Broadcasting. Started out as an election night analyst (because of his 10 years in the PA State House of Representatives) with Bernie Herman and Dom Giordano. Worked with Frank Rizzo and did fill in work for Herman, Ford, Marr, Culmer, and Quinn. Was Quinn's last fill in host while Dominic was away in Ireland shortly before his death in 1996. Still in the Philly area.

Diane Kridland
Program Director 1210-AM WPHT


JC Lamkin
Community relations/Tech education radio host on WNWR 1540 AM [2-3pm as of Feb. 07]: Host of a dynamic radio show that is headquarted in Philadelphia, Pa called "Technically Speaking". The goals of the radio show is to encourage people to use computers and share community service information. (KH, 10/06, updated 3/07)

Jay Lamont
20+ (circa 1980) years of opinionated real estate advice on 950 WPEN-AM Picture, also teaches and owns a restaurant in Somer's Point, New Jersey.

Neil Larrimore
WWDB 96.5 FM talk radio. Assitant PD. WZZD

Rich Levin
"PC Talk" Website trimmed it's BBS, archives and software and now has podcasts and blog. (6/06)

Barry Levine
Formerly on WFPG - 1450-AM in Atlantic City until station change in 2000 picture

Jerry and Joe Long
Known as the Sturdy Beggars, a satirist team. Had a cult following on WPHT, late night weekends. Thumbnail picture

Debra Luray
AKA "Ruby Cheeks" worked at both WPHT and WWDB. Works in the Delaware Valley in a radio related company. recent picture (2001) promo card from WWDB


Tom MacDonald
News, Previously reported for WWDB. Heard now on various stations.

Glen Macnow picture 2006
WIP - Glen has been mid-day host on WIP since 1993. He formerly worked for the Inquirer and was on the popular Prism show, "Great Sports Debate." he has been working with co-host Anthony Gargano since early 2000.(5/02) As of 2006-2007 time slot is weekdays 7-11 pm. (2-07)

Stan Majors
For nearly ten years (1992-2001) broadcast late night issue talk show stations over 500 during that time...syndicated by three different national radio networks. Has had number 1 rated local talk programs in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Tampa-St.Pete and a few others.
Program Manager & PM Drive Host WWDB-FM Philadelphia 1981-85. Covered the war in Vietnam for NBC News 69-70. In Cambodia during the 1970 CIA sponsored "coup". Democrat nominee for Congress for NW Illinois 1968. Lost to John Anderson. Republican candidate for Illinois Senate 1972.
Lives in Ft. Lauderdale with 14 year old son. (Last Update 10/2003)

Art Mckeown -
"Art the Builder" - Longtime partner with Rick Degregorio in the long running home repair and fix it show. Aired for over 6 years on 1210-AM. Moved to 860-AM on November 13, 2004.

Ira Mellman
Worked at WCAU twice...also with George Michael.
Also WWDB..morning news with Paul W. Smith.
Anchored mornings on the old WCAU, did sports talk with Steve Fredericks, and did news with Frank Rizzo.
Also worked at WINS in NY...WTOP in Washington, CBS Radio in NY, etc.
Currently the New Director of all of the Clear Channel Radio stations in Washington DC and morning news anchor on Clear Channel's WBIG...Big 100 in DC. (Added 4/2004)

Bernard Meltzer
A book company in New Zealand includes the following quote from "Uncle Bernie" in an upcoming book - "A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked."

Bob Menifee (Sp?)

Bernie McCain
Formerly on WWDB 96.5 FM. Now can be heard on WOL Radio in Washington, DC on 1340 AM (1pm-4pm, Monday-Friday), and on XM (added 12/01)

Jack McKinney
Former WCAU-AM and CBS national syndicated talk radio personality, and former Philadelphia Daily News Columnist. Deceased.

Sid Mark
Popular music host of the long running Sunday with Sinatra Show WWDB then WPHT.

Tom Marr
WCBM 680-AM, Baltimore. Previously at WWDB where he had his own show including "The Saturday Night Shootout" and co-hosted afternoons with Susan Bray.

Steve Martorano
Worked at WPHT with Amy Kaplan (1pm to 5pm), at WPHT with Debra Luray and later on by himself in the early morning shift. Once WWDB stopped talk he went to Philly Tv News. Now (as of Spring 2001) is at the Internet arm of the Village Voice. Back to WIP in 2006.

Dennis Malloy
WKXW NJ101.5-FM -- Long time co-host with Judy Franco, middays. Former Kiss-100 morning man.

Mary Mason
WHAT 1340-AM. Formerly of WWDB 96.5-FM mid days in the 80's for a couple of years.

Bernie McCain
Formerly hosted overnights on WWDB in mid 1980s -- last heard on radio in DC area?

Jody McDonald
WIP 610-AM 1990's - WFAN in New York. (10/01) WPEN 950-AM in Philadelphia. (6/06)

Ira Mellman
Worked at WCAU twice and WFIL.- news with George Michael. Also WWDB..morning news with Paul W. Smith. Anchored mornings on the old WCAU...did sports talk with Steve Fredericks..and did news with Frank Rizzo. Worked at WINS in NY and WTOP in Washington, CBS Radio in NY and more.
As of Spring 2004, New Director of all of the Clear Channel Radio stations in Washington DC and morning news anchor on Clear Channel's WBIG - Big 100 in DC. (4/04)

Bernard Meltzer
WPEN? -- Died 2/25/1998 - Head of the Philadelphia real estate firm, Bernard C. Meltzer & Associates. Known as "Uncle Bernie," the New York City radio host. Philly radio host (real estate and money) and newspaper columnist 1960's.New York radio host and advice columnist from 1973 to 1993. Named by Newsweek magazine "the most celebrated radio host in New York" in 1979. Heard on WOR in New York until he retired. (last updated 7/01)

George Michaels
Washington, D.C. television / local NBC station, channel 4. (6/04 - thanks Ivan)

Susan Monday
WPHT 1210-AM - Previously on KWY 1060-AM. Susan Monday hosts Monday on Sunday, Sunday afternoons from 2 to 3 p.m. An in depth look at the big stories of the week. Susan has anchored the news for CBS News Radio in New York and WMAL and XM Satellite Radio in Washington DC. picture (added March 2005)

MorningGuys .COM
WIP 610-AM Sports/Guy Talk

Wynn Moore
Long time host on WWDB since the beginning. Early Program Director, Talk and Car Show host, Video Rental Store pioneer. Deceased.

Valerie Morrison
Psychic Counselor & Medium. Saturdays on WNWR 1540-AM. (7/06)

Mike Missanelli
WIP 610-AM -

John McNulty
WNWR 1540-AM. Previously on WPHT and WWDB. Owns a wine and spirits shop in Jersey.

Russ Miller
Formerly of WWDB 96.5-FM Real Estate and Your Estate. Retired.


Neal Newman
WIP 2000-2004, Assistant PD under Tom Bigby. After Bigby left the station in 2004 Neal served as interim PD then Operations Manager. DJ on Jammin' Gold 95.7-FM, filled in on WIP and WOGL 98.1-FM. Died suddenly of a heart attack December 2004. (12/2004)


Steve O'Bryan
Sports talk on WCAU-AM from 1986-1988, then went to WOGL to do AM drive before being dumped for Don Cannon. Did a bit of fill in on WIP and WGMP while in Philly going to school at Hahnemann University. Now a Physician Assistant practicing in Rocky Mount, NC. (11/02)

Jack O'Reilly
WWDB in the 1970s


Paul Perrello
Picture -- Metro Traffic/News. Previously WWDB News back to the mid 80's.

Lauren Pressley
Formerly on NJ-101.5 , now with Press Broadcasting's G106.3 and WHTG AM out of Monmouth County, NJ. Also works part time for Greater Media's Talker in Middlesex, WCTC. (12/02)


Dominic Quinn
Program Director for WWDB then mornings on 'DB from the late 70's till late 80's. Replaced by Paul W. Smith then hired away by 'CAU. He replaced Ira Melman who did a mostly news show. Shortly after, 'CAU was blown up by CBS, became WOGL-AM and simulcast the FM with no programming of it's own. Shortly after that Dom Q. returned to 'DB weekends. 'DB also picked up Harry Gross from 'CAU (and Frank Ford?) Prior to going to 'DB the first time, Dom Q had been at 'CAU for quite a while. late 60's at least. Worked for a time in the Agriculture Dept. in D.C. and also wrote speeches. Died 5/31/1996. Photograph from 1994


Diane Raymond
Program director also hosted mid-days (12:25-2 pm) on 'DB in late 80s after Mary Mason left.

Joey Reynolds
Joey Reynolds was a Philly radio guy. He was mostly a DJ but a listeners who sent this in remembers him interviewing Rock stars like John Lennon. He then went on to replace Howard Stern after Stern was "fired" from WNBC and now does overnights on WOR. (added 9/01)

Merrill Reese
WWDB in the early days. Voice of the Eagles broadcasts. Co-owner WBCB 1490-AM.

David Rimmer
WWDB Program Director from 1990-1995. Signed Rush Limbaugh, gave Michael Smerconish his first show and helped lead WWDB to the highest ratings in its history, including a strong second place (7.0 share) in one ratings book to KYW. Returned to NY to run talk programming for a start-up talk network funded by Sony, then bought and sold his own radio station. Currently out of radio and a partner in a private jet charter business. (Updated 2004)

Frank L. Rizzo
Frank Lazarro Rizzo (1920-1991) -- also known as "The Big Bambino" - Born in Philadelphia, October 23, 1920. Police officer in the 1960s and as chief of police was credited as saving Philly from widespread demonstrations and rioting that affected other large cities. Mayor of Philadelphia, Pa., 1972-80. He was nominated again for Mayor but died before the election of a heart attack on July 16, 1991. Credited with the following quote - "A conservative is a liberal who was mugged the night before."
Had a show on 1210-AM when it was WCAU. Publicity photo from WCAU 89-90 (Picture courtesy of Mike Rossi) Frank Rizzo and Harry Gross at WWDB circa 1990
Links: Northeast Times retrospective

Franny Rizzo
Son of the former Mayor. Philadelphia city council. Had a show on various shifts on WWDB, WNPV.

Tom Robinson
"The Nighthawk" -- did the 2am to 6am shift on WMMR around '80 or '81. He did a live call in thing overnight. A listener remembers when John Lennon died everyone was calling in and tuned to his show on 'MMR.

Steve Ross
Talk show host at both WWDB & WCAU ... pulled double duty each Saturday - working 6-10 a.m., then returning at midnight, for yet another go 'round. Still on the air today at WPHT - along with his on-air partner, former Eagles GM Jimmy Murray, co-host a weekly retro show called "Remember When," that airs starting at 7:00 p.m. Saturdays, on the Big Talker 1210. (2-07)

Mike Rossi
WIP 610-AM. Former sport reporter at WWDB 96.5-FM from spring 2000 until November 2000 when DB stopped talk. Previously on Star 104.5 as morning co-host with Nancy Glass. Picture of Mike at the Super Bowl. Another one of him at WRTI

Ray Rossi
Formerly on WYNY 107 in New York. Started afternoons on NJ101.5 with Craig Carton in July 2002. Shown here at left.


John Sample
WHAT 1340-AM

Maxine Schnall
Hosted show on WCAU-AM in early to mid 1980s

Formerly of WPHT 1020-AM in the afternoons. Went to KOMO in Seattle Washington? (1999) then Portland AM 620 KDBZ (2000) (last updated 6-01)

Fred Sherman
WPEN 950-AM Money Show. Formerly on WPHT 1210-AM - Does reports on KYW-AM

Dave Skalish
Chief engineer WPHT 1210-AM, previously at KYW 1060-AM

Rick and Art
WPHT 1210-AM Your Home

Perry Michael Simon
NJ101.5 Program Director 1991-94. Left to join WDRE Long Island, then worked as PD at KLSX Los Angeles and Ops Manager/weekend host at KLYY (Y-107) Los Angeles as well as consulting for Sabo Media (ongoing) and consulting a sitcom pilot for Comedy Central. Since 1998, writer and Editor of the News-Talk-Sports department at, based in the Los Angeles area. (Added 11/2003)

Paul W. Smith
Former morning guy at WWDB FM in Philly. Paul W. returned home to Michigan (grew up in Monroe) and started at WJR (replacing the legendary J. P. McCarthy) on July 1, 1996 -- (added 5-01) Paul W. Smith Archive page

Michael Smerconish - website | e-mail | picture 1994 | archive page
WPHT 1210-AM (January 1998 to November 2001, left for half a year then returned) Started on WWDB 96.5-FM on Weekends around 1991 (6-01) Moved to mornings Year? replacing Imus.

Fran Sorin
WPHT - The Gutsy Gardener - Saturdays 6 to 8 am.(5/02). Show removed from station sometime around 2004. Started gardening reports for KWY in 2006.

Jay Sorenson
See "Jay and Hilarie" above - Archived Audio Page with pictures

Allen David Stein
Picture - Came on NJ101.5 as overnight host Sunday through Thursday nights starting at 11pm until 4am. Allan has a long history in radio including his own syndicated sports show covering the Yankees and Mets. (5/28/02)

John Stolnis
Added June, 2001 - WWDB96.5 FM, fill-in host. One audio clip in the Audio Vault. Thumbnail pic from around 1998
updated 3/02 - Anchoring News and Talk duty at WEEU 830-AM - Weekends music DJ on 95.7. Previously Producer on WIP 610-AM.
updated 7/03 - 96.50-FM & WEEU 830-AM

Lenny Stevens
WIP 610-AM (6-01)

Tobi Schwartz-Cassell
see the C listings.


Greg Tantum
WCAU 1210-AM -- 1988 to 1990 (Program Director). Hired Frank Rizzo at WCAU and converted Tony Bruno from a sports/news side kick to the morning host. (Mike Thompson was hired to be Tony's producer... Mike stayed in radio and later became PD for WWDB.) In 1988 requested CBS management to approve adding Rush Limbaugh. Could only get the OK to put Rush on weekends and un-named corporate types insisted they preview the shows and edit out any content too controversial. It's anyone's guess how strong the station would be today if those un-named corporate types had any vision. After WCAU worked with Tom (Bigby) at WIP (1990 to 1992) before returning to the west coast. Currently at KGO in San Francisco. Little known fact was that he was part of a group aiming to buy out WFIL from Jerry Lee for another talk station. Jerry and his partner decided not to sell at that time.

Rich Teplitsky
Former executive producer for WWDB. Began as a journeyman part-time show producer in 1986, where he worked with just about every 'DB host on the air at that tine, including Bernie Herman, Jim Corea, Dom Giordano, Murray Needleman, Yvonne Kaye and Les Kinsolving. Also filled in as needed for producers Rhonda Hibbler, Maureen "The Magnificent" Sears, John "Mooktie" Rose and Tim "Hammerhead" Hallorhan to produce for Dominic Quinn, Irv Homer and Susan Bray. Plucked from producing the Bernie McCain overnight graveyard shift show into the programming office by Program Director Diane Raymond and Executive Producer Ed Palladino; eventually succeeded Palladino as executive producer. Left 'DB in 1990 for promotion director position at Philadelphia Magazine; later served as director of media relations and sports information at Philadelphia University. Currently Director of Communications for Bell Labs at Lucent Technologies in New Jersey.

Bill Thomas
Former fill in on WWDB. Local guy. Now on air in Detroit? (6-01)

Pat Toddy
Producer at WWDB in the late 90's. Most recently at KYW doing news. -- picture with unidentified woman at a WWDB event.(Pat is on left) (6-01)

Laura Tortella
Shadow Traffic reporter for many years until they were absorbed by Metro Traffic. Laura came back to the air with the popular "The Sunlight Lounge" (Standards and more) on WSNI 104.5-FM in March 2004. (4-04)

Jay Turner
WWDB in the 1970s


Phil Valentine - Website - Archive Page
WLAC 1510-AM Nashville TN. Previously on WWDB from fall 1996 through all of 1997. Several audio clips are on the Phil Valentine Archive Page. (6-01)

Mike Vagnoni
WNWR 1540 AM -- WBCB 1490 AM -- Out on the Town. (6-01) - Also does an Oldies show with music and interviews of artists from the 50's, 60's and 70's from Philly and South Jersey, OOT'S Two Street Radio Show on: WWZK FM - OLDIES 94.3 FM on Sundays at 6pm and also on 1490 WBCB on SUNDAYS at 6pm

Kent Voss | Picture | Parody Page 1998
Formerly of WWDB, previously several markets.
Went to California to be a writer for the "Man Show." Jimmy Kimmel, co-host, was Kent's producer at one time. (6-01)
Updated 2003 - Presently working as a producer at Comedy Central's "Crank Yankers" in Hollywood.
Updated by "Janky" 5/2004 - Hired with legendary talk host Jonathon Brandmeir to do a morning show on KCBS.

Vicki Venturini
News Anchor for Paul W. Smith & worked with him & John Brown in 1994,1995.


Pat Wadling
WBCB 1490-AM (6-01)

Jim Walsh
News reporter and fill in host on WDEL -- email, various stations. Picture (6-01)

Karen Warrington
WHAT 1340-AM (6-01)

Sol Weinstein
overnights? - Host on WCAU 1210 in the early 70s - also wrote James Bond parodies (oy oy seven) and wrote for Mad Magazine in the 60s (11/02)

Derek Williams
Formerly WWDB news reporter. Now working at WTOP in Washington. Before coming to 'DB Derek was at WILM as a Reporter, Anchor and Managing Editor. Before 'ILM, a freelancer at WDAS in Philly (updated July 2001)

Wendy Williams
(submitted 10/01)

Pat Winters
Used to do traffic for WWDB, middays (6-01)


John Ziegler
WWDB - started 2,1,1999. Show removed near the end of the talk lineup, went south then to L.A.

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