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The dangers of using software from Cnet's

Cnet's goes from awesome to loathsome

Long ago Cnet's was one of THE places to grab good software. Over time they started abusing our trust until now they are one of THE major sources of malware and trash software. They bundle their downloads with extra unwanted software and their software installer tricks people and to slip in garbage. A simple google search yields dozens of horror stories. This one by How To Geek is one of the best.

Here’s What Happens When You Install the Top 10 Apps
We installed the top 10 apps from, and you’ll never believe what happened! Well… I guess maybe you might have a good guess. Awful things. Awful things are what happens. Join us for the fun!


Updated 2/25/15 and Others Bundle Superfish-Style HTTPS Breaking Adware

 - It’s a scary time to be a Windows user. Lenovo was bundling HTTPS-hijacking Superfish adware,Comodo ships with an even worse security hole called PrivDog, and dozens of other appslike LavaSoft are doing the same. It’s really bad, but if you want your encrypted web sessions to be hijacked just head to CNET Downloads or any freeware site, because they are all bundling HTTPS-breaking adware now.



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